10 Neat Tricks for Women to Instantly Solve the Most Awkward Situations’

4Stinky pits are in the past

Stinky armpits are so embarrassing and insulting as it directly makes other people judge your cleanliness and hygiene habit which is simply unfair. Use lemon to save yourself from this embarrassment.


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Just rub the lemon under your arms

Take fresh lemon, cut in half and rub it underneath your arms. It has acid content which effectively kills the smell inducing bacteria. After the lemon rub have a shower or wash off your armpits once the juices have dried out. At least follow the regimen daily and this problem won’t surface again.


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5No more smelly shoes!

You take off your shoes after a morning jog and rest of the people around you run away from the room due to the stink. It’s about time you do something about it. Well, the answer lies in your kitchen cabinet itself. A box of baking soda. Yes, all you need to do sprinkle this soda inside your shoes before you slip into it and are about to go outside. The soda will absorb the sweat and odour of your feet completely.


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6Use deodorant for your T-zone

If might sound counterintuitive to spray deodorant on your face to keep the makeup from melting away in heat and humidity, but it works. Just make sure the deodorant is of top quality and does not have a side effect on your facial skin. Deo’s made of natural ingredients are usually the best choice for this operation.


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