4 Easy natural ways to remove unwanted facial hair without using any chemicals

The normal amount of body hair varies from woman to woman. The amount of hair depends on the amount of male hormones known as androgens being secreted by the female body. If the amount of this androgen hormones is less, the female body is virtually hairless, but if the amount if more than required, then you can see unwanted hair on several parts of the body.


One such part of the body is the face and removing hair from the face is not easy for women as it is for men. Here are 4 natural and easy ways to remove unwanted facial hair for women.

1 Facial hair on women

Facial hair on women is mostly caused by hormonal imbalance. All women produce some quantity of testosterone, but secretion of high level of testosterone in women can lead to increased sexual drive, irregular menstrual cycle and excess facial and body hair.


A condition known as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), is the biggest culprit in growing excess body hair in women. It PCOS, cysts form around the edge of ovaries and causes effects such as weight gain, irregular periods, acne and most often than not, growth of facial and body hair.

Other reasons for facial hair in women are medicinal side effects, acromegaly, obesity and ovarian tumor. Do not worry, apart from using several products in market to remove these unwanted hair, here are some natural and chemical free ways to do it, and without pain.

Facial hair on women

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2 Baking Soda

Take care to do this just before going to sleep.


Take 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix it in 200ml of boiling water. Now leave the solution to cool down. Now soak a cotton ball in this mixture and let it dry a bit. Now apply this on the areas of unwanted facial hair. Stick the ball using a snippet and leave it for the night.

Now remove the wrapper in the morning and apply some nourishing cream on the affected areas. After 2-3 repeats of the procedure, the unwanted hair will fall off.

Baking Soda

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3 Pharmacy Iodine

To prepare this solution you will need: 40 ml of 70% alcohol, 1,5 ml of ammonium, 2 ml of chlorine, 10 ml castor oil and 10% hydroxide. Mix the ingredients well and leave it until it become colorless. After that, scrub the mixture onto the problem areas twice, once in the morning and once at night. After continuous use of the mixture for a few days, the hair will start to disappear.

Pharmacy Iodine

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4 Nettle Oil

This recipe has been in use since the 17th century and has stood the test of time, when it comes to removing unwanted facial hair off women.


Pour 3 ml vegetable oil on 3 tablespoons of nettle seeds. Now leave them for two weeks in a warm place. After that, strain the mixture suing a strainer in a glass jar and close the lid tightly. Put a piece of cotton or gauge, soaked with nettle oil on the face, where unwanted hairs grow and leave the cotton/gauge on for atleast 30-45 minutes, securing it in the place using a plaster.

After the time, wash your face with warm water and gentle face soap. Repeat the treatment until and unless the hair start to fall.

Nettle Oil

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5 Garlic

Take some cloves of fresh garlic and squeeze the juice out of them. Apply and scrub the problematic area with this fresh garlic juice for 4-5 times a day, every day. You need to leave the juice on the areas for upto 30 minutes in order to get the best results.

After the requisite amount of time, please wash the face with gentle soap and warm water. Apply face cream after the procedure and repeat the procedure until the unwanted hairs are gone.


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