Natural remedies that will help you stop snoring

Snoring can be a real night mare, especially for those who sleep next to you or are sharing a room or their home with you. Marriages have been falling apart because of snoring, people have been arguing and hating each other. But, there is always a solution. It isn’t just the sound that annoys your partner, but it also can cause you serious problems. The fact is that if you snore, there is already something going on with your airways. It can be cause by bad sleeping position, sinuses, alcohol consumption before bedtime or simply because people are overweight. Take a look at some things which can help you in stopping them.

1 Tennis ball

You wonder how to do it? People who sleep mostly on their back will at one point start snoring. So, try putting a tennis ball in a shirt pocket of an old shirt and sew it to the mid-back of your pajama top (the top should be one that fits snuggly.) When you roll over, the discomfort from the tennis ball will force you to roll back on your side, without waking you up. It may be silly, but perhaps it’s better than having your partner elbowing you (you will get aware yourself this way and you will avoid quarrels in the middle of the night).

Tennis ball

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