15 Myths of Breast Cancer That You Can Easily Ignore

Breast cancer is one of the biggest concerns of women around the world. It is a scary proposition when you read the many different statements on the disease and how this or that could cause breast cancer. Misconceptions of the disease are often the reason for most headaches and unnecessary stress experienced by women who may not even be having a remote possibility of the disease at all. Furthermore, one major worry facing people living with cancer is whether they have enough money to pay for treatment and maintain their current lifestyle. No one likes to think too much about the financial implications of cancer but it is advisable to do some research to ensure you’ve got the right insurance for cancer care that you and your family needs. At the same time, research shows that there are factors that trigger breast cancer and periodical checkups are advisable to rule out even a remote risk of the disease. There is however a lot of misinformation out there so let’s dispel some of the rumours by discovering these 15 myths about breast cancer.


1 Myth: Breast cancer is the biggest fatal cancer among women

Nope!! Not at all. Lung cancer is the leading cancer worldwide that causes the demise of both men and women. In fact, it is one of the cancers that can be so easily prevented by simply stopping smoking yet, it is the leading cancer in terms of fatalities in the world.

Woman smoking

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2Myth: You don’t need to do a self exam

Self-exams can never replace your doctor’s checkup but they do play an important role in warning you of something suspicious. Every woman knows her own body and a self-examination will easily help you recognize of something is odd or not. Don’t be embarrassed to examine yourself as it may save your life. If you find even small changes, consult your doctor. It may be nothing to worry about but your peace of mind is greater than days of worry.

Breast self exam

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3Myth: Cancer is a “battle” to win

According to Dr. Nikki Barr PhD, psychotherapist and author of “Emotional Wellness” “Women with breast cancer are hugely powerful and courageous, but it’s not uncommon to go through it and fall apart. It’s a grief process because it’s a real loss. Sometimes this catches women by surprise because they think they’re ‘supposed to’ feel a certain way. Feeling sad isn’t being weak.”

Consulting a doctor

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4Myth: Mammograms can cause cancer

According to Dr. Sean Fischer MD, an oncologist at Providence St John’s health center in Santa Monica, Younger women exposed to high radiation increase their risk of breast cancer. However, regular mammography checkups do not give you cancer because it involves only small doses of radiation. A mammography is an important test to detect breast cancer in its early stages and paves the way for quick medical intervention. If your doctor is prescribing it, do it.

Mammograms can cause cancer

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5Myth: Removing a tumor spreads cancer

There is no scientific evidence to support that when a tumor is exposed to air or when it is removed, it can spread cancer to other parts of the body. If this occurred, doctors would never want to do surgery on any patient.

Removing a tumor spreads cancer

Image Source: pathology.jhu.edu


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