11 Biggest Myths about Cardiovascular Disease

9Myth 9: Fast heart beat means heart attack

A change in heartbeat rate is normal sometimes. It is quite normal to have a fast heartbeat if you are doing some physical activity or excited. Heartbeat also slows down while sleeping. But do keep a check because sometimes it can be a sign of arrhythmia which is quite harmless but if it lasts long it might need treatment.

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10Myth 10: Avoid exercise after heart attack

It is completely false. Just start activity as soon as possible. But obviously, you aren’t supposed to overdo it. It is recommended to do physical exercise for at least 2 and a half hours each week. Brisk walking is a good exercise for a heart where 45 minutes is ideal to start with and then increase. Join cardiac rehabilitation centre and consult a healthcare provider.

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11Myth 11. As long as I am healthy I can eat as much meat as I want

One of the main reasons for poor heart health is bad eating habits. Processed meats are dangerous for the heart and your body too. Moreover too much red meat isn’t good for anybody as it contains cholesterol bad for heart and may also put you at risk of cancer. Studies have shown eating red meat daily triples your risk of chemical levels linked to heart disease.

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