11 Biggest Myths about Cardiovascular Disease

5Myth 5: One can do nothing if heart disease is hereditary

Even as heart disease may run in the family that puts you at risk of developing it faster through an unhealthy lifestyle. You can still reduce your heart disease risk a lot to nil by being active, not smoking, checking blood pressure time to time, maintaining a healthy weight, controlling cholesterol and sugar and also eating healthy. Avoid processed meats, carbonated drinks, and sugary fruit juices and eat more of veggies, fruits, lean meat and healthy fats.

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6Myth 6: Ignoring cholesterol until middle aged

The truth is, you should start checking your cholesterol every 5 years after reaching 20. This is especially if you are at hereditary risk of heart disease. You should start checking your cholesterol through a triglycerides test, start eating healthy and exercise regularly.

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7Myth 7: Heart beat stops during heart failure

This is a normal confusion but the fact is cardiac arrest makes the heart beat to stop and not heart failure. Heart failure just doesn’t pump blood properly. It means your heart muscles are weakening. Also, cardiac arrest makes a person unconscious and stops normal breathing whereas; heart failure causes swelling in feet, ankles and shortness of breath, including wheezing and persistent coughing.

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8Myth 8: Aging causes leg pain and not something related to heart disease

The fact is it can be a condition called Peripheral Artery Disease which causes blockage in arteries and increases the risk of heart disease. When such things occur, it should never be neglected and you need to consult your doctor.

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