11 Biggest Myths about Cardiovascular Disease

How much is your knowledge of heart health? Many of us are fooled by misconceptions since we always believe that heart disease happens to an age group of just the elderly or that unhealthy middle-aged junk food eating neighbour of yours? But what you don’t really understand is that heart disease can also happen to those who eat right or who are young too. There are several myths about cardiovascular disease which is just too dangerous because incidentally cardiovascular disease kills more Americans each year than other diseases. But you can actually improve your heart health by collecting facts and not sitting down with a huge list of misconceptions. Here are some few myths that you can remove from your list.


1Myth 1: Heart disease isn’t for young people

In America at least one in three people have cardiovascular disease. With the uprising of obesity, type 2 diabetes and some other factors, heart disease are now becoming common to young and middle-aged groups. The way you live now determines the risk rate of heart disease in future. In fact, unhealthy eating habits can cause plaque build-up from early childhood that can lead to clogged arteries in early future.

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2Myth 2: There will be warning signs if I have high blood pressure

Instead of sticking to your myths and waiting for your body to give you a signal, just simply check your pressure through a simple blood pressure test. It is very dangerous waiting for warning signs because these invariably come too late.  So before it becomes worse, test your blood pressure because high blood pressure is one of the reasons for heart attacks, kidney damage and stroke.

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3Myth 3: Chest pain comes first then heart attack

It is not necessary that chest pain comes with heart attack, You can also be out of breath, experience discomfort in arms, jaw, neck or back and also nausea and lightheaded. When you face such situations just call an ambulance. Precaution is better than cure.

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4Myth 4: No heart attacks as long as diabetes is under control

This is not true, maybe it can delay heart disease but even then you are still at risk because a factor contributing to diabetes is also more likely to develop heart disease. Risk factors overlapping each other are overweight, high blood pressure, smoking, no physical activity and obesity.

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