Must read for all the new mommies! You can give relief to your fussy babies by doing some foot reflexology

9Palm pressure points to massage

Besides reflexology, even acupressure which amounts to the same thing more or less is one remedy you can try on your baby. Just massage the points you need depending on what problem your baby is facing. Just apply circular motions with gentle pressure. For cough and stomach issues, hold the baby’s hand and massage the center of the palm while drawing continuous circles with your thumb.

Palm pressure points to massage

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10Hiccups and vomiting

If your baby is constantly hiccupping or vomiting, you can massage the tip of the thumb. Apply light pressure with all your fingers and in a circular motion. Do not make wide circles but stick to one point only.

Hiccups and vomiting

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11For other problems

  • If your baby is facing other problems, here are the points you can massage:
  • For pink eye: The tip of the index finger
  • For fever: the tip of the middle finger
  • For cough and respiratory problems: massage the ring finger.
  • For teething: massage the tip of the little finger and a point on the wrist located under the in the middle right area just under her palm.
  • Bedwetting: massage the little finger with gentle upward strokes
  • For diarrhea: massage with gentle upward strokes on the index finger and do the same but with downward strokes for constipation.
For other problems

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12Massaging can be part of your baby’s daily health routine

Use the massaging technique as a daily massage routine that will help your baby maintain better health. However, it is only a supplementary treatment and must not be replaced by regular medical treatment or the doctor’s appointment. What you should always remember is that when massaging your baby; do not apply force or too much pressure. If your baby looks content and happy, continue doing it but if they grimace or looks uncomfortable then stop.

Massaging baby

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