Must read for all the new mommies! You can give relief to your fussy babies by doing some foot reflexology

4 Chest

The chest or the solar plexus is a bundle of nerves that is situated just above the abdomen. An upset tummy, constipation or diarrhea may severely irritate this bundle of nerves and make your baby cry. It can also give them trouble in breathing. For relief, try massaging and applying pressure on the area just below the balls of the feet as shown in the image. Doing so will give the baby relief.

Be sure to be gentle in applying the pressure and also while massaging the foot of babies, as more pressure might be too much for their little frame to take and it might cause them some injury.


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5 Abdomen

Babies are also prone to tummy problems like bowel obstruction. In order to give them relief, kindly first consult the physician that takes care of the baby. After that you can massage the center of the soles of the feet, which corresponds to the upper abdomen to give them relief.


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For problems in lower abdomen, try and rub the lower regions of the soles of the feet. This will give them instant relief from constipation problems and will ensure smooth flow of waste in the intestine.

Note: Kindly consult the physician that normally takes care of the baby’s health, before doing any of the massages or the applying pressure on the baby’s foot. Sometimes the ailment can also be treated only medically.


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