Must read for all the new mommies! You can give relief to your fussy babies by doing some foot reflexology

2 Sinus

The center of the toes is directly connected to the sinuses in the nose. Noses are notorious to get clogged even due to smallest of reasons and this will make even an adult cranky, leave alone a small baby. A stuffed nose is as problematic as a runny nose and both things are extremely irritating to babies.

So apply little pressure and massage the center of the toes to give the baby some relief and try to remove the mucus using a suction pump.


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3 Lungs

Babies are very prone to infections or catching cold at even the slightest neglect. They only have to be left for 30 seconds under a fan after a bath for them to catch cold or get an infection from outside. If the lungs get affected, baby might have trouble in breathing or even eating or sleeping and that means that they won’t let you sleep either.


For this, try rubbing the balls of the feet of the baby gently or even putting a little pressure would be fine and this will give them relief from the lung congestion.


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