Must read for all the new mommies! You can give relief to your fussy babies by doing some foot reflexology


Babies are equipped with only one thing as communication option if they are in any discomfort or have any ailment, they cry. Crying babies also makes parents cry. Babies can be in discomfort due to many reasons like tummy aches, constipation, congestion and flu.

The best thing to do in such cases is to follow the instructions given by the doctors and medicate the baby properly. But on the other hand, you can also try some home remedies in order to calm them down for some time.

Foot reflexology is one such method, in which each area of the foot corresponds to different body parts. So by applying the right amount of pressure, you can easily give relief to the bay and calm them down.


Foot reflexology also nurtures and can have therapeutic effects on adults too. But babies are more receptive to this remedy since their ligaments, muscles etc are not developed fully.

1 Head and Teeth

Most common things that affect a baby and make them cranky are pain in head or when their teeth start appearing. Mostly, the problem is solved with some balm or little massages and for teething, medicines do great.

But according to foot reflexology, the tip of fingers of foot directly corresponds to the teeth and the head of babies. Just apply gentle pressure on these areas and this will give the baby enough soothing and calming sensation, that the baby will stop crying and go to sleep.

Head and Teeth

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