11 Serious Mistakes That Even Gurus of Healthy Eating Make Today

Ironically, there are many health-conscious people who are really dedicated to being fit and healthy. They strictly follow the correct exercise routines and diet regimens which is suggested to them by their trainers, doctors and dieticians. But most of these diet plans are fraudulent and serve little purpose of getting healthier. No wonder even after following all the rules diligently most of the people do not achieve their fitness goals. What’s amusing is that in a bid to achieve good health and avoid certain foods, people don’t realize, it isn’t helping at all and the scares are just marketing gimmicks to confuse the already confused public on what to eat and what should be avoided. Here are the mistakes that those obsessed with health today make all because they have been brainwashed by clever marketing and self-proclaimed health gurus everywhere.


1 You are bombarded with the choice to consume only organic products

We blindly believe that 100% organic products are going to work wonders for our health as they are safer than the regular produce. Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence that proves the legitimacy of this claim. It’s true that organic produce does not use synthetic pesticides but they do use natural pesticides which do not go under strict testing and may have equally bad effects on our health.

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look for ingredients rather than organic

In fact, the marketing gimmick of labeling food with “eco” or natural” stamps is nothing but a ploy to fool people to increase profits. Rather, one must be careful and study carefully the ingredients used in the products rather than blindly trusting the stickers and labels on the packets.

Checking Food lables

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2We prefer products without gluten

People who are diagnosed with celiac disease are strictly prohibited from consuming gluten-rich food. But the surveys have proven that only 1% of the population has been diagnosed with this condition. In rest of the cases, the gluten-free diet is not exactly necessary for a normal individual at all. In fact, shunning gluten completely increases the risk of many cardiovascular complications because we are completely denying our body from whole grains and their goodness.

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3Opting for low fat products

In our quest to maintain health, we repeatedly choose low fat products. What you may not know is the fact that in order to compensate for the fat content, producers use other ingredients for taste like sugar, artificial flavoring and trans fats all bad for health. A certain amount of fat is ok where products with normal fat content are acceptable. Fats should be excluded for medical reasons and avoid the fatty processed foods that are harmful to health. Rather, you should resort to exercise for a healthier body.

Opting for low fat products

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4We drink fruit juices

Many people foolishly belittle sodas and cold drinks and declare fruit juices to be the “healthier options but it is not true at all. It has been studied that fruit juices of any sorts do not contain any nutritional value, no dietary fibers and has a high concentration of sugar which causes all sorts of problems in our systems. Moreover, a fruits juice neither satisfies hunger nor thirst but triggers your appetite, causing overeating and weight gain. Instead of juice, stick to original fruits instead.

We drink fruit juices

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