9 Easy Medical Tests to Help You Check Your Health Right Now

Once a year, you should always have a complete medical examination for you to know the status of your health. You should even pay a visit to the doctors to watch for your health. To diagnose any possible illnesses, various tests need to be done so that you always learn about it in time. The road to recovery always depends on what stage you find out about a disease so that treatment can start rightaway. However, there is also much you can do to make yourself aware of any possible illness that you may have from symptoms that you could be experiencing. You can even diagnose yourself for those illnesses before any symptom is experienced. Here is a list of tests which will help you in estimating the chances of your contracting any disease or illness and also whether you need to consult a specialist or not.


1Heart and lung disease

Use your finger to make a letter ‘J’ upside down and keep both your nails in contact with each other. If you notice that it appears in the shape of a diamond, then your vessels and heart are in good health. But if they don’t then you need to read what’s next.

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Indication of low oxygen in the blood

If you don’t notice a gap in between your nails, this indicates nail clubbing. When your blood doesn’t have sufficient oxygen, your finger becomes thicker and closes the gap between the nails. There are multiple reasons which can cause oxygen deficiency. Gastrointestinal issues, cardiovascular diseases, lung problems, etc. are the examples of some reasons of decreased oxygen.

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2Stroke and dementia

A timer is required for this trick. Lift your leg up to be parallel to the floor. Then begin the timer. If you are successful in maintaining the posture for more than 20 minutes, the risk of you experiencing a stroke or dementia is very less. If you’re having problems in balancing on one leg, you might have problems with brain vessels.

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Stand in front of a mirror and use your finger to pull down your lower eyelids. If your system is fine, the color will be pink.  If you are suffering from Anemia, if will display a yellowish or pale pink color. The lack of hemoglobin causes Anemia as the tissues and muscles in your body don’t receive sufficient oxygen to work. If you get tired quickly, look pale or even take heavy breaths, you should consult a doctor immediately.

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4and lack of microelements

It is a normal process to lose hair. We lose 50 to 100 hairs a day; it has been stated by doctors. You should not worry about that fact. There is a simple test which will help you know when you should be worried. You should keep your hair clean and dry. Pull a small lock of your hair. You shouldn’t pull very hard. If you have 2-3 hair strands in your hand, it’s fine. You should visit a specialist when you have a lot more strands of hairs in your hand.

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