10 Major Mistakes That Prevent You From Building Muscle

4Lifting with incorrect or improper form

Picking up weight which can really challenge your strength is good, but you must make sure that you lift and control them with good form. When you can’t control the weights, you end up working out everything else aside from the intended muscles. Lifting very heavy weights with bad or poor form are common muscle-building mistakes usually made by beginners. Lifting heavy loads with poor form engages your joints and tendons more than your muscles and this could result in soft-tissue injuries.


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5Not eating enough

Working out to build muscles depletes a lot of energy in your body which is why you need to eat a lot in order to supply your body with enough energy to develop your muscles. As such, eating your regular 3 meals a day won’t meet this requirement. It has been recommended to eat at least 6 meals a day to get the required number of calories to boost muscle growth.

Not eating enough

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6Not drinking enough water

Two-thirds of the human body consists of water and out of this, two-thirds of the water is found in the muscles. The muscles cells are basically made up of protein and water, so if you want some more gains you will have to increase your water intake in addition to your protein intake.


It has been recommended to drink half your weight in ounces of water per day when you are working out to build muscles. Not drinking or neglecting to drink enough water is some the common muscle-building mistakes made by many.

Not drinking enough water

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7Not including intense weight training sessions

The human body tends to conserve energy as much as possible to not end up starving. This makes the body naturally unwilling to create muscles. For this reason, it is important to force your body to build muscles through intense weight training sessions.

You should lift weights that are heavy enough to make you barely complete the required number of repetitions, regardless of whichever rep-range you are in. In doing so, the workout will then stimulate optimal protein synthesis within your body.

Not including intense weight training sessions

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