10 Major Mistakes That Prevent You From Building Muscle

Despite doing everything consistently at the gym and after some initial results you notice that you aren’t progressing or developing anymore muscle. It seems as if your process your progress has been halted and no matter what you do, or how much you work out, you achieve no further results.


If this really is the case, then the problem lies in the fact that you might be neglecting some basic things or doing some things wrong. For instance, you might be overworking which is very counterproductive and can undo everything that you have worked for. Besides this, there are many other things that you might not have been doing correctly. These mistakes may be the reason why you aren’t able to progress. Here are 10 such common muscle-building mistakes that you need to avoid to progress and achieve better results.

1 Tiring

Overworking won’t bring you results faster. Instead, it is more counterproductive and will practically destroy all your progress. If you want to build muscle, but not lose fat, then you need to eat a lot without being worried about getting fat. Doing excessive cardio can also reduce your gains because you tend to lose calorie surplus which is essential for bulking up.

Doing pushup wrong

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2Not eating the right food

Since protein is the main component which is used in the body to build muscles people think that only eating more protein will suffice for muscle-building. Not eating the right foods is one of the many common muscle-building mistakes that everyone makes at first.


The amino acids contained in protein are the building blocks of life. However, neglecting fats and carbohydrates is a grave error. Both these nutrients are vital because the body requires the energy from carbohydrates to help bulk up muscle mass. Fats, on the other hand, are responsible for testosterone and other growth-related hormones. If you aren’t eating balanced meals, then all your best efforts at the gym will be in vain. Add 500 calories more to your diet and if there isn’t much muscle growth after a couple of weeks, consider adding another 500 calories.

Not eating the right food

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3Not sleeping enough

Lack of sleep can seriously hinder the muscle building process. Nutrition and sleep are the most important factors you shouldn’t neglect when you are working out because when you sleep your body begins the repair and recovery process. This makes your muscles bigger and stronger than they previously were.

Sleep deprivation is one of the biggest and most common muscle-building mistakes that interrupt the growth and repair process. It can even increase your stress hormone levels which make your body gain fat easily and decrease your energy levels thereby affecting your performance.

Not sleeping enough

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