The Main Reasons Why You Should Never Sleep With Your Head in the North


What is it with elderly people who tell you not to sleep with your head placed to the north? Is there any truth in such granny tales? Well!! You may be surprised because there are!! Yoga guru and holistic healing advocate Jaggi Vasudev known worldwide as Sadhguru is the founder of the Isha Foundation that promotes the practice of yoga across centers worldwide has an interesting concept of why you should never sleep with your head placed in the north.

According to the Sadhguru, People in India have always observed a sleeping custom that avoids placing their head in the north because of the following reasons.

1 The mechanism of the body

While many perceive their heart is placed halfway down their bodies, it could also be said that the heart is placed three-fourth of the way up. Pumping blood down is easier than pumping blood up against gravity. Blood vessels are more complex and finer in the structured arrangement in the upper areas of the body such as the brain being almost hair like requiring no more blood than their needs. Extra blood pumped in such areas could even result in a hemorrhage.

Without many knowing, minor damages do occur in the brain which leads to dullness, a lowered IQ and poor focus and concentration. Unless you don’t abide by a healthy lifestyle, you are at risk of such changes.

The mechanism of the body

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2 What happens when you put your head to the north?

You may have heard about the magnetic fields of the earth. The magnetic poles are engineered because their magnetism and such powerful forces of magnetism are always present throughout the geography of the planet.

When a body is lying at a horizontal position, the pulse decreases. If your head placed in the north remains like that for a longer duration the magnetic pull on the brain can result in agitation, irritation, hyper tension, and a decrease in brain function and poor circulation and health. Obviously, by sleeping in such a position for one day, you aren’t going to suddenly drop dead. But sleeping like this regularly is asking for trouble.

What happens when you put your head to the north

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