Lower Your Blood Pressure within 10 Minutes Using These 9 Natural ways

4Hissing bee breathing

You can get rid of migraines, headaches and anything associated with hypertension by practicing “Bhramari pranayama” also known as hissing bee breathing which can ease your mind in an instant. Do this daily for best results.


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  • Get seated in a comfortable position on the floor with your back straight
  • On the cartilage of both ears place your index fingers
  • Take a deep breath and while exhaling make a humming sound almost like a bee does, putting mild pressure on your cartilage at the very same moment
  • Do this again and again at least 7-10 times

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5Classical Music

Combining breathing exercises or meditation with listening to soothing music like classical, Indian, or Celtic can really help in lowering your blood pressure levels. The effect it has over your body generates a calm and soothing feeling from within, which reduces the stress hormone cortisol in the body. It is a popular belief of researchers that by listening to music which doesn’t have many changes in volume or rhythm, has parts that get repeated at certain intervals, and which has no lyrics can very much lower the blood pressure.

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6Drinking a glass of water

Dehydration sometimes causes cases of high blood pressure because when you keep your body dehydrated it causes the volume of blood in your body to decrease which results in an increase in your peripheral resistance. This condition can be avoided if you simply drink a glass of pure water each time you begin to feel any symptoms of hypertension. By doing so, you will be restoring an adequate volume of blood in your body which will reduce the blood pressure levels.

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