Lower Your Blood Pressure within 10 Minutes Using These 9 Natural ways

People suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension usually experience fatigue, chest pain, irregular heartbeat, and headaches. Sometimes even healthy people can suffer from this condition as it is caused by lack of sleep, stress, other underlying diseases and obesity. You can easily remedy this condition by keeping your pressure under control using certain simple techniques which help in relaxing your blood vessels and muscles. Learn about these 8 effective techniques which quickly reduce blood pressure saving you from the expense of medication:


1 Massage the neck and ears

It has been found that there are 3 spots on your head and neck which help in lowering blood pressure in a matter of minutes: These are:

The first point can be found behind your earlobe. After locating it then draw an imaginary line downward towards the center of your collarbone which is where the second point is located. Now begin gently using your fingers to massage your neck with soft up and down movements along this line. Do this 10 times on both sides of your neck.


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The third point

The third and last point is located on your face at earlobe height about ½ cm from the ear. Use your finger tips to massage these spots in a counter-clockwise circular movement for about a minute.


By massaging these three spots proper blood flow is restored to your brain and you will also be relieved of the tension in your neck muscles.

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You can find the most effective acupressure points that treat high blood pressure right at the base of your skull within the depression on both sides of the spine. These points are known as the Wind Pool or GB. They need to be activated simultaneously by the application of mild pressure exerted on them with your thumbs. However, remember to keep the pressure steady for 1-2 minutes until you feel that your headache has become much better.

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3Left nostril breathing

You can relax your blood vessels thereby controlling your blood pressure levels and even reduce stress hormones by practicing left nostril deep abdominal breathing. This will effectively help you reduce blood pressure.

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  • Seat yourself on a chair or even on the floor in a comfortable position so that you can keep your back straight
  • Place your left hand on your abdomen
  • Use your right thumb to close your right nostril
  • Take a deep breath through your left nostril and hold it for a few seconds before exhaling out
  • Continue taking deep and slow breaths only with your left nostril for about 3-5 minutes

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