Look at your hands for any possible signs of cancer!

Our hands are parts of our body that we use numerous times during the day. We pick up things, put down things, shake hands and get them dirty with everything. And for the sake of their wellbeing, most of the times, we just wash them and may be sometimes put some moisturiser on them.


But what if they become extra dry, so much that your moisturiser doesn’t help much. What happens when your hands ache so much that you think its early onset of arthritis? Apart from these two possibilities, our hands might also tell us about the possible signs of cancer.

1 Dry or cracked skin on hands

A recent research conducted by the British has said that our hands show possible signs of cancer, if we observe them closely.


Though it is normal for our hands to become dry and rough due to constant use in terrible conditions and weather, but if the dryness persists even after the use of creams and moisturisers, it is an indication to contact your doctor. Do the same thing if the hands become thick on the outer part.

Another indicator is the appearance of discoloured spots or patches on the hands, either on the back of the hands or on the palms. This might mean that you have something more serious than just some an itching problem.

Dry or cracked skin on hands

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2 Swollen hands

Cancer is known make the body swelled up, bloated and it also results in general discomfort. Hence if you experience swelling and/or bloating in your hands along with discomfort, you need to consult a doctor without any delay.


Cancer is known to make changes in different parts of the body, so if you see some changes in your hands, you need to take notice of it. When you take notice of any irregular changes in any part of your body and take immediate action, then this can save your life. Keep looking for any unusual spots, patches, dryness or thickening of the skin on the hands.

Swollen hands

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3 Aching hands

Pain in hands can be due to many reasons like injury, arthritis or temporary pain due to some reason. But when they start to pain instantaneously and without any major injury or changes and start to display other kind of symptoms other than the ones mentioned above, that’s a sign of something amiss.

One indicator could be of cancer, which causes pain in different organs of the body, including hands. If you experience aching in the hands, it can be cancer in a totally different part of the body.

Aching hands

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4 Other symptoms of cancer!

Apart from hands, there are many other places where symptoms and signs of cancer might manifest. Symptoms such as sudden and involuntary weight loss, consistent fatigue, irritating and persistent coughing, hoarseness of voice can be signs of cancer somewhere in the body and warrant a visit to the physician.


You can really save yourself if you pay close attention to your body and changes that occur in your body. Any unusual change in any part of the body can be an indicator of something amiss like possibility of cancer. A doctor can help you diagnose the disease early and suggest and provide apt treatment which can save your life.

Other symptoms of cancer!

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