Fascinating new research formulates Liquid Aspirin Solution, which can cure Brain Cancer

In one of the most remarkable of discoveries, researchers have formulated a drink from the most common of drugs, Liquid aspirin as an effective remedy against cancer. Till now, it was common medical knowledge how aspirin was effective against coronary disease by unclogging arteries, now it has a new usage. Aspirin can fight cancer.


The fascinating research was conducted by British scientists, who found that the simple drug had the potential to cross the all important blood brain barrier. It is this barrier that till now has prevented effective cancer medicine from targeting and attacking tumors in the brain.

1 Medication for Brain Cancer Is All Set To Change for the Better

Portsmouth University is all set to change the way medication is formulated for cancer. The phenomenal breakthrough only uses a drink containing liquid aspirin, which could help save the lives of hundreds of cancer patients. The research found that liquid aspirin’s properties were ten times more potent than chemotherapy. The effect would be more pronounced and enhanced when mixed with regular cancer drugs.


Such a scenario would then result in the liquid aspirin breaking down the blood brain barrier, leaving the field open for the drugs to target the cancerous cells. The research means that powerful combinations could be created in liquid form as an effective remedy against cancers for the first time in the history of the disease.

Medication for Brain Cancer

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2 Brain Cancer a Deadly Killer Attacking 16,000 Annually

Cancer attacks almost 16, 000 people in Britain annually. Yet only 1 percent of that figure, benefit from the National Fund on Cancer Research. The five year survival rate for brain cancer is only 20 percent. Testicular and Breast cancer fare much better with a 97-98 Percent survival rate. The amazing research was a combined effort between Portsmouth University and a startup company called Innovate Pharmaceuticals. The three member company based in Manchester consists of brothers, Simon and Jan Cohen, along with Chief Medical Officer, Doctor James Stuart.

The common standard treatment for brain cancer presently is chemotherapy and radiotherapy that follows surgery. However, it is the blood brain barrier that obstructs the effectiveness of Chemotherapy, which is administered via an intravenous drip into the blood stream. The blood brain barrier is a membrane that acts as a boundary between blood cells and cerebral fluid. This makes it near impossible for drug molecules to penetrate the barrier.

Brain Cancer

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3 Liquid Aspirin to Act as a Trojan horse in Brain Cancer Therapy

The newly formulated liquid aspirin that can cure brain cancer will effectively transport the drugs through the barrier in the manner of a Trojan horse. Currently, common liquid aspirin available in the market isn’t hundred percent soluble. Grains present in the solution would not be able to permeate the barrier. What the trio developed in the lab was a solution that combined Liquid aspirin with a solubiliser and a stabilizer, thus, giving it the complete properties of a liquid solution.


The research in collaboration with Portsmouth University was funded by Brain Tumor Research Charity, which realized that the new liquid medication held great promise and was a significant step towards an effective remedy for brain cancer.

Brain Cancer Therapy

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4 Finally the World Can Hope To See a New Cure for Brain Cancer

The liquid solution, labeled IP186 7B, was subsequently tested on patients suffering from glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer. The results were fantastic as the researchers found that it was ten times more effective than the regular chemotherapy drugs. Liquid Aspirin is already considered a potent inflammatory and cancer fighting agent besides its properties that combat diseases such as stroke, heart disease and various forms of cancer. Drugs combined with the solution will make it a powerful new cure for brain cancer, which kills children and adults before they turn 40.

Brain Cancer patient with doctor

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The phenomenal results showing liquid aspirin can cure brain cancer will no doubt make a huge impact on research for an effective cure for brain cancer. Human trials of IP867B are all set to begin within a period of two years. With the new solution, Peoiplelike Sue Farringdon, CEO of the Brain Cancer Research Charity feels that science is well on its way to formulating a cure for this dreaded and deadly disease.


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