Learn what time is best to do what according to the Human Body Energy Clock

The functioning of our body is tied to an internal clock that keeps the working in our body regular. This clock is actually set according to the workings of internal organs right from the moment we get up in the morning to the moment we fall asleep in the night.

If this clock was absent in the body, it would have been difficult to know when to sleep, when to wake up and when to eat. You would have noticed your energy and mood fluctuating periodically during the day.

Our hormones and eating habits play a huge role in forming Circadian rhythms, but our organs and energy highpoints are also connected to what is called our human body energy clock.

Read forward to know the best times to do what kind of work in a day.


1 Between 3 and 5am

During the early morning, your final sleep cycle is on its last legs and your lungs are entirely in play. Due to this, you start to breathe deeply and bring oxygen back into the blood and settle your nerves.

This helps you wake up in a good mood and with enthusiasm. The oxygen in the blood also makes sure that your body is in good condition.

Between 3 and 5am

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2 Between 5 and 7am

During this time from 5am to 7 am, the large intestine in your body is at its busiest in filtering waste in your body.

This is an optimal time for eliminating that waste and the intestine will start pushing the waste towards the exit. This will make your body begin a new day with a thorough cleanse of the body.

Between 5 and 7am

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