Lead poisoning is a serious concern in several American cities and across the world

Lead poisoning is still a major concern for majority of the cities across the world and it is considered a very serious issue in several cities of America. This is one component, which was once considered as an important element in the industrial sector especially in the ceramics, plumbing and paint industries.


Several studies and researches have been done in respect to the hazardous effects of the lead among the workers working in such industries. Several health problems have been noted among which kidney disorders, hearing impairment, blindness and male infertility have been considered as some of the very common issues that arise from lead poisoning.

1 Lead poisoning affects people of age groups

The sad part is that lead poisoning affects people of all age groups and kids especially below the age of six years are the most vulnerable. The young children are more vulnerable since they are still in the growing stages and their nervous system is still in the developmental phase. Learning deficits, blindness, kidney rupture, etc, are some of the detrimental effects of it.


Furthermore, it has been found that women who are pregnant are also at a high risk of lead ingestion effects since it can pass into the fetus and causes some serious nervous disorders. Permanent or temporary memory loss, joint and muscle pain, poor concentration level and hypertension are some of the other effects of lead ingestion.

Lead poisoning affects people of age groups

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2 America is having serious problems because of lead poisoning

Whenever we talk about the lead poisoning issue in USA, the very pertinent example that comes to our mind is that of Flint. The water lines of the residential homes of this city were contaminated with lead, which affected almost 9000 children of the area and several other thousands of adults.

There are other cities of the nation that have the same issue as well and lead might be present in paints of the older buildings, painted jewelry and ornaments, toys and drinking water as well. The whole aspect of lead poisoning has placed the American cities into a high alert zone, putting millions of people into various health problems.

America is having serious problems because of lead poisoning

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3 There is no safe level for lead exposure

Lead is a component that is potential neurotoxin in nature. If you look for any safe level of lead exposure for the children, there is no such answer, as the damage caused by any level of lead poisoning is permanent. The worst part is that there are no such symptoms and even as an expert you will be unable to detect lead poisoning in children.

Total screening of the body needs to be done and a blood test can detect the presence of lead poisoning. Several medical insurance companies cover such costs. You need to get hold of the right one and get it done for free of cost. It is no doubt a deadly issue, but lead poisoning can be prevented if proper and timely medical review is undertaken.

There is no safe level for lead exposure

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4 Millions of people from different age groups are under the threat

Lead poisoning is one of the most dreadful public health problems that have hit the US soil. According to the reports from reliable sources 4 million households in the nation with children are highly exposed to lead and almost 50,000 kids in between the age group of 1 to 6 years are having high lead content in their blood.

Once a kid is diagnosed with lead poisoning, the effects and the damage that it causes is not reversible. But in some cases the treatment and the medications can help in the reduction of the effects like physical and behavioral disorder. Prompt actions and medications need to be undertaken so that it doesn’t become a life threatening disease.

Millions of people from different age groups are under the threat

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5 Lead can travel in air and affect you

Do you know lead can get transferred through air, food, water and consumer products to the humans? In fact there are several regions that make use of lead glazed utensils and containers. When any food item is stored in it or used during cooking, lead can leach out of them. Moreover, you have to choose your microwave containers smartly to avoid lead leaching during the heating.

People all over the world seem to be having immense knowledge and understanding about the bad effects of lead ingestion but still they are not cautious enough to make use of safe products or lead a life where there is no need to bring in the component and contaminate the life. For instance, lead gasoline is still in use that can adversely affect the food chain.

Lead can travel in air and affect you

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Have you started taking precautions at your home and offices? In case you have plumbing pipes that are made of lead, it is suggested by the health experts that water should run down for at least 30 seconds before drinking as the stagnant water might have dissolved lead in it.


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