Know what is this cancer immunotherapy? And why is this replacing chemotherapy in cancer treatments?

Chemotherapy is a widely known cancer treatment. It involves being injected with some strong medication that kills cancer cells. Depending on the type and severity of cancer, one needs to take multiple rounds of chemotherapy or even radiation along with chemotherapy.

But since chemotherapy has its side effects, medical science has found another way to fight cancer cells in the body. They have found a way to inject healthy cells into the body to boost the immune system and fight the cancer cells. This avoids all the side effects and patients have shown incitement towards this treatment.

Here is more information about chemotherapy and the new cancer treatment- immunotherapy.

1 Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is currently the most practiced cancer treatment in the world. It uses powerful drugs, which are injected into the blood stream in order to fight and kill cancer cells present in the body of the patient.


It works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells, which usually divide and grow at a faster rate. It destroys cancer cells in the body to the point where the doctor cannot detect them and makes sure they won’t grow back.

In other cases, it slows cancer down and controls the cancer cells from spreading and affecting other healthy parts of the body. Chemotherapy has also been known to shrink cancer tumors that cause pain and discomfort in patients.


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2 Side effects of chemotherapy

But since chemotherapy uses high powered drugs, they come with their own set of side effects. Most of the patients undergoing chemotherapy feel extremely fatigued. This happens because the body is already weak from fighting the cancer cells and these high powered drugs make the immune system of the body work overtime.

It also causes pains like headaches, muscle pain, stomach pain and pain in other areas of the body as well. It causes lose motions in some patients as a weak body cannot handle the pressure of the drugs and cancer. One sure side effect of chemotherapy is vomiting and nausea. Taking preventive medicines before and after chemotherapy, can prevent vomiting and nausea in a patient.

Side effects of chemotherapy

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