Everything you need to know about a contraceptive implant

Many women take the help of contraceptives to prevent child birth. Women usually take oral contraceptives to prevent pregnancy and then came the intrauterine devices. Technology is slowly advancing and people are finding out different ways and means for contraception. One of the most modern and technologically ridden contraceptive methods is the contraceptive implant in which a small and flexible plastic implant is insertedin the skin under the inner arm of a woman. Here we are going to give you all the information you need, about this contraception method.


1 What is a contraceptive implant?

A contraceptive implant is inserted under the arms in the skin of women.They look like small rods that resemble a matchstick, which are inserted in the skin under the arm. Women who have these can feel them as well. These rods secrete a hormone called progesterone that acts as a contraceptive.This implant can stay under the arm for around 3 years, after which, it needs to be replaced. Some women also have two-three rods inserted at a time. This implant is ideal for women who do not plan to get pregnant in the near future or women who forget to have their contraceptive pills on time.

 What is a contraceptive implant?

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2 How is the contraceptive inserted?

The area around the under arms is made numb with the help of anesthesia and a doctor would put in the implant under the skin. Before this, the doctor would examine your arm, to find the exact position. The area would be marked with a marker. You would then be administered local anesthesia and this is the only painful thing which will happen to you. After the area becomes numb, the doctor will make a small incision and would put in the implant gently under the skin. No stitches are required in this procedure as the incision is small. After the implant has been fitted, the doctor would check whether the position is accurate.

How is the contraceptive inserted

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You can check the implant with your fingers to see whether it is in the proper place. The doctor would put a butterfly closure, and apply a compression bandage on your arm, over a sterile gauze dressing. You would need to wear the bandage for about five days. The place may be a little tender and swollen for a day or two after which it would be back to normal. The implant would remain fixed under the arm and would not move about, so no need to be scared. But, if there is redness and swelling and you feel feverish, you should consult your doctor, because there might be a slight chance of infection. If everything is fine, then you would be able to do normal exercises and perform normal activities as well.

3 How does this work?

The contraceptive implant stops the body from releasing the egg every month.They also help to thicken the mucus in the cervix so that the sperm cannot travel all the way up to meet the egg.These implantations are known to be 99% effective and it also helps in preventing pregnancy.This is safe for the body as well; however, there would be a slight change in your menstrual cycle.Some women have infrequent bleeding; some have heavy bleeding, whereas some have normal bleeding patterns.

How does this work

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4 Can a woman get pregnant after the implant is removed?

As soon as the implant is removed from the body, a woman can again become pregnant.However, it is suggested that you try and get pregnant after the implant is wholly removed.The rods would be removed in the same way as they were put in. And they should be removed by a certified healthcare provider only.

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5 Advantages and disadvantages of a contraceptive implant

There are various advantages and disadvantages of getting implanted with a contraceptive rod.You can get the rod implanted and completely forget about the same.The rod is effective for three years, after which, a new one needs to be put in, if you wish to continue with this form of contraception. They are very user-friendly and would work on their own and there is no maintenance activity.These rods are really effective and once the rod is removed, you can normally get pregnant again.


A person may face irregular bleeding patterns if she is on contraceptive implants, especially in the first six months.Sometimes, women do not have any bleeding at all. Insertion and removal needs to be done by an expert and trained professional and there would be scar marks under the arms.

Advantages and disadvantages of a contraceptive implant

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6 Can any women have an implantation done?

All women can have an implantation at any age. It is ideal for women who forget to take their pills regularly or are scared of injections or operations. However, women who have had breast cancer or are under some medications that are not ideal for this procedure should not be implanted with this contraception. This also does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases.

implantation at any age

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