A ketogenic diet helps you lose weight, prevent cancer and improve brain function

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Among all nutritional diets benefiting weight loss and lean muscle building, the ketogenic diet may be the most complicated but at the same time it is the most beneficial. As per research studies, nutritional ketosis as the condition is called is the best solution to problems related to weight gain and obesity.


However, the ketogenic diet needs professional care and guidance. Before you ttempt to observe it, consult a nutritionist or your doctor. The benefits of a ketogenic diet can not only help you lose weight fast, it is also beneficial for health and general well being.

1 What is ketosis?

Ketosis is the condition in which your metabolism shifts from burning carbohydrate to burning fats for energy. This usually happens in the absence of glucose derived from food sources primarily carbohydrate. Thus the ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet forcing your body to resort to producing energy from its fat storage. In this way, your body’s metabolism is forced to derive energy from burning stubborn fat stores like abdominal; fat which is not usually touched because of a ready supply of carbs.


In a keto diet, your body’s food consumption will be in the range of 50 to 70% healthy fats derived from such sources as fish, avocados, organic eggs, raw nuts etc. There is very little sugar in your body due to the minimum intake of carbs.

What is ketosis

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2 Ketones are produced during a ketogenic diet

During ketosis as the condition of a ketogenic diet is called, the body produces ketones produced from fats in the liver. The ultimate goal of a ketogenic diet is to manipulate the body to be in a constant condition of ketosis achieved not by starving yourself of food but by starving yourself of carbohydrate. Once you take away your carb intake, the body adapts to producing ketones for deriving energy from fats instead.

Ketones are produced during a ketogenic diet

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3 Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

Reducing carbs is the best way to lose fat. In a keto diet, carbohydrate is kept at extremely low levels with moderate intake of protein and an increase of healthy fat. Remember the biggest fodder for cancer cells and free radicals is sugar which nourishes tumors and enhances cancer growth. Cancer cells cannot utilise fat for nourishment hence turn to sugar, without sugar they simply die.


A review published in Redox Biology by Dr Eugene Fine of Albert Einstein College of medicine gives a hypothesis that cancer cells can be stopped by ketones which can alter the source of energy process in them. It observed that a keto diet was beneficial against prostate, colon and gastric cancers. It also stated that an insulin decreasing diet was easily tolerated by patients in advanced stages of cancer. The increased state of ketosis achieved by lowered carbs but not calories was associated with the observations of cancer remission.

Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

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4 Promotes brain function

The intake of low carb and high fat has also been associated with improved brain function, as per research published in the Behavioural Pharmacology; it stated that ketogenic diets are effective in reducing symptoms of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. On a study it was observed that Parkinson’s patients n a keto diet showed a 43% improvement in their symptoms within a month.

Subsequent studies also prove that the benefits of a ketogenic diet impacts autism and epilepsy. Research found that autism inflicted children displayed improvement after a cyclical ketogenic diet over six months. If you suffer from low blood sugar, then the keto diet is not for you. As mentioned earlier always consult your doctor before attempting a complex diet.

Promotes brain function

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