A Japanese Scientist Explains How Fasting Benefits Anti-Aging and Won a Nobel Prize For His Research

9Never fast for longer periods

However, a 3-day fast could seriously result in health problems. The immune system may be weakened and the internal organs may not function properly, as a result of the cells not getting the necessary microelements due to fasting for so long.

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10Short-term fasting diets

One of the most famous diets is called the “5/2”, invented by Michael Mosley a British Journalist. A movie released in 2012 featured a diet which was created after researching calorie restrictors. This diet directed to eat food regularly for 5 days, but for 2 days in which the calorie intake should be considerably lowered to 600 kcal for men and 500 kcal for women, consumed in 2 separate meals.

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11The 16/8 diet

An alternative diet was offered by Martin Berkhan a bodybuilder, a journalist, and fitness trainer. It wall called the “16/8”, which involved fasting for 16 hours and then working out on an empty stomach. This should be repeated several times a week. Another diet proposed by Ori Hofmekler involved a person consuming food in only 4 hours, and then, fasting for 20 hours. However, fresh juice can be drunk and dried fruits and nuts may be eaten for the rest of the day.

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12Always consult your nutritionist or doctor

There are other types of fasting diets called intermittent fasting but this too requires certain protocols and should be done in consultation with a nutritionist.

Now, can autophagy be considered a universal lifesaver? What are your thoughts on fasting? But, always do bear in mind that it is advisable to consult a doctor before trying out a diet. Also, we implore you to consult a professional before using any of the methods mentioned above.

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