Is winter season really bad for your heart?

7 Tips to protect your heart in winter


Be Active

Exercising regularly has a favorable effect on risk factors leading to cardiovascular diseases. For instance, exercise helps in weight reduction and also reduces blood pressure. Go for a morning walk or indulge in some sports of your choice.

Have a Good diet


Focus on foods that contain important heart health nutrients. EPA and Omega-3s, DHA in sardines and salmon are vital fatty acids which supports healthy brain function and blood pressure. Vitamin D in mushrooms is essential for a healthy heart. Sunlight is the best source of Vitamin D, but many people prefer being indoors during winter season, try having foods that contain an added punch of Vitamin D in the form of soy milk.

Tips to protect your heart in winter

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Keep yourself warm

Wear warm clothes. While you stay outdoors in the winter months, make sure to cover your mouth with a scarf as directly breathing in cold air brings problems.


Winter is cruel for heart patients and it is essential that you know how to keep your heart healthy. Not having proper knowledge about keeping yourself healthy can spell trouble for you. So, be fit and happy and enjoy the winters!


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