Watch the video of this incredible invention helping a woman diagnosed with parkinson’s to write again

Technology will never cease to amaze the human race. In yet another awesome invention a young 29 year old graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease has been given the chance to write again.


Emma Lawton was diagnosed with Parkinsons when she was 29 which took a toll of her hands. Over a period of three years it affected her so badly that she was unable to even draw straight lines. For a graphic designer that was about the most traumatic thing that could happen to her. If you or someone you know, has been affected by Parkinsons disease, consider attending a Physio Clinic for treatment.


1 Inspired by another device for Parkinson’s

It was computer scientist Haiyan Zhang who changed Emma’s life. Zhang created an invention that enabled Emma to write again which was remarkable. Haiyan Zhang’s invention was inspired by a spoon that also counteracts tremors of Parkinson’s.

Zhang experimented with tiny motors and created a prototype that connected miniscule wires to extremely tiny motors that would start to vibrate. According to Zhang “what it’s doing is it’s short circuiting whatever feedback loop there is between the brain and the hand that’s causing the tremors.’

Inspired by another device for Parkinson’s

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2 What is Parkinson’s?

  • Parkinsons attacks various parts of the brain over the years
  • 1 in 500 people are affected with Parkinsons in the UK
  • Symptoms include involuntary tremors and slow motor abilities
  • Causes depression, anxiety and stability

For Emma Watson the graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinsons, here was new hope for her future. She was fitted with the device after several months in the development stage. Emma now 32 is able to draw a straight line and writes her name when fitted with the device that resembled a wrist band. Zhang’s new invention will be called “Emma”. Watch the video.


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