12 Incredibly Easy Ways to Stay in Shape for Those Without Time and Always in a Hurry


Different smells can have an effect on your appetite. For example, the smell of apples, bananas, and pears is known to reduce your appetite and rid you of the desire of wanting to eat something sweet. The next time you want to eat an extra chocolate-chip cookie, just swap it for a pear, or inhale the fruit’s aroma.


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10Choose to eat fruits containing stones instead of seeds

If you are trying to lose weight then include fruits like nectarines, plums, and peaches. These fruits can help in reducing cholesterol levels. Dietologists and nutritionists however, suggest consuming fruits only during the first half of the day.

Choose to eat fruits containing stones instead of seeds

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11Substitute canned vegetables with frozen ones

Most of the vitamin and nutrient content in canned vegetables are removed when extra sugar and other preservatives are added to prevent them from expiring soon. In contrast, frozen vegetables are healthier as they retain all their healthy elements and do not contain any additives and preservatives.

Substitute canned vegetables with frozen ones

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12Don’t indulge in fatty sour cream

You can easily replace high-fat mayonnaise and sour cream with natural or Greek yogurt. To keep a healthy and fit body you need to do your best and try out all possible ways to stay in shape. By excluding or replacing some items from your diet like sour cream, you will reap the benefits and watch your extra pounds gradually disappear.

Do not indulge in fatty sour cream

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