10 Incidents where doctors didn’t believe a patient who ended up being right instead

Why is it that Doctors the world over always think they are right even when they are wrong?? Haven’t you been in a situation when you know exactly how you feel and you know something is wrong with you, but the doctor insists there isn’t? In fact I know exactly how it feels when a doctor is wrong because my doctor’s mistake of treating my son for growing pains in his leg cost me a huge amount of money when it was found two years later he had a meniscus tear from an injury in school which the boy never gave a second thought to.


However, there have been instances of doctors having the courtesy to admit they were actually wrong. Here are ten instances revealed by doctors who didn’t believe a patient. Perhaps Doctors could learn a thing or two from reading this article.

1 When a patient says he bleeds? Believe him

When a patient requiring an arteriogram tells this particular doctor that he had a bleeding problem but since the lab tests returned normal, neither he nor treating doctors gave it a second thought. In his own words “After the procedure this guy bled EVERYWHERE”.

patient says he bleeds

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2 A Face in the Window Turns Real

When a Mrs. Smith got near hysterical about a man in her first floor room window, this doctor instead reassured her that she may have imagined it. But!! Imagine his horror when he sees faces peering into the window. The security later learnt that it was college kids pulling of daredevil stunts by running on the ledge.


It took an amusing turn when Mrs. Smith kept teasing the doctor about it mimicking his reaction’ “remember when you said what the F**K?!?”. Fine ok Mrs. Smith, I get the picture.

A Face in the Window Turns Real

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3 She Actually Did Have What She Said She Had. Docs, Listen To Your Patients

This doctor said he had a lady patient who THOUGHT she had tetany. He admitted he was skeptic about it but later found she was speaking the truth as she did have tetany form a vitamin deficiency.


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4 If your patient says naked guys are running around, it could mean so!

This doctor works in a psych ward. One day a psychotic patient insisted there were naked men running around stealing patients belongings. Obviously the common doctor’s motto is DISBELIEVE YOUR PATIENT!!! And disbelieve he did until he spotted a naked man walk past him with a handful of patients items.

psychotic patient

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5 Not Always Can You Blame Dementia

This doctor admitted he had a 74 year old patient who complained that her mother died above her and that her boyfriend a 51 year old Mexican would soon be downstairs giving her trouble. Well it’s hard for a doctor used to dementia cases to believe something like that. He just ignored the claim when the next day he found out to his horror that her mother had indeed died the night before in the unit above her. She was 94 and she did have a Mexican boyfriend aged 51 who was stopped by caretakers form entering the woman’s ward.

doctor consulting pattient

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6 It’s Not Always a Show, Even if it’s A Drug User

This doctor who didn’t believe his patient would have ended up being really sorry. A woman who was habituated to drugs came into his chamber complaining of pain. She started writhing on the floor. The doctor thought she was acting up when it turned out she had ruptured her stomach. Gas was leaking into the peritoneal area. It was a serious medical complication that required acute surgery.

woman with stomach pain

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7 A stroke doesn’t always seem like one

This paramedic was dispatched to a casino where a 30 year old man claimed to be having a stroke. He was pacing up and down and reeked of alcohol. Although he did speak with a slur, it seemed nothing was wrong with him. Moreover, he had an athletic build and seemed in the best of health. Nevertheless, the man was abusive and insisted he be taken to the hospital.

This doctor felt that in no way was this guy having a stroke as there weren’t any signs. But when they got him to the hospital, it was found that he was indeed having a stroke. Our man paramedic was made to eat his words.

man having a stroke

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8 Not Always Is Back Pain a Kidney Stone

This paramedic claimed when this patient entered emergency for severe back pain, the staff thought it was a kidney stone to which the patient vehemently objected. However they went ahead with tests for kidney stone. But what they found shocked them. She was suffering from a huge dissected abdominal aortic aneurysm. She was rushed to a bigger hospital for surgery. Lucky for her she lived.

Woman With Back Pain

Image Source: www.healthnews.com.tw

9 Don’t Be Too Cynical With Patients Even the Ones with Dementia

A nurse who worked in a hospice mentioned how they were prone to receiving tall claims form delusional patients. One especially kept insisting he would be visited shortly by a former prime minister of Canada. Needless to say there were chuckles all around among the staff including the one who admitted this story.


It so happened that a few days later, a large number of security turned up with a former prime minister of CANADA in two who spent a long time with the patient. It turned out that he was an old staffer at the PMO and was close to that particular Prime Minister.

man shaking hand with girl

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10 Never Ignore Any Kind of Stomach Pain

This story was narrated by a woman whose little sister complained of intense stomach pain. Unfortunately for them, there was a substitute doctor in place of the family pediatrician. This fine doctor didn’t believe her patient and insisted it was a usual tummy ache and there was nothing wrong with her. He went as far as to say she was being dramatic.


After a week the pain didn’t subside and when she took the child again to the doctors, she was almost in a panic insisting the child to be rushed to the hospital immediately. It so happened the little girl had cancer and there was a melon sized tumor in her stomach. The substitute visited the family two weeks later to apologize for her mistake.

kid having stomach pain

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