10 Important things we should all learn about our blood types

It is common knowledge that there are four common blood types A, B, AB and O. An individual’s blood type is determined at birth but did you know that your blood type has unique characteristics that set it apart from others. All blood types have several features which interact and determine the way external influences impact our bodies. Here are the various characteristics of blood types.


1 Blood type and nutrition

Each blood type benefits differently from various foods. Type A blood types will benefit from consuming more veggies and avoiding meat. Those with blood type O need extra protein such as meat and fish. Those with AB blood type should eat lean meat and seafood while the B blood type needs to avoid chicken and consume more red meat.

Blood type and nutrition

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2 Blood type and illnesses

Each blood type is impacted by disease in a different way by being at an increased or reduced risk of various ill nesses. Research your blood type risk through your blood group.

Blood type and illnesses

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3 Blood type and personality

Blood Type individuals are self confident, creative, social and outgoing while Blood type A are peaceful, artisitic and trustworthy. Those with blood type B are strong and dedicated while AB individuals are introverted, responsible, and dependable and take care of others.

Blood type and personality

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4 Blood type and pregnancy

From a medical perspective, some blood types have an easier pregnancy in comparison to others. Women with AB type have a reduced follicle stimulating hormone production that enables the body to conceive easily.

Blood type and pregnancy


5 Blood type and stress

Those with blood type O anger easily as they have a higher level of adrenalin. They also need more time to calm down from any stressful situation.

Blood type and stress

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6 Blood antigens

Blood antigens responsible for the characteristics of blood types which besides being present in the blood are also found in the digestive tract, colon, mouth, nostrils and lungs. This is how your blood type impacts parts of your physiology.

Blood antigens

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7 Blood type and weight problems

Your blood type will determine whether you gain or lose weight easily. Those with blood types A experience less weight problems. Those with Blood type O are prone to belly fat and weight gain.

Blood type and weight problems

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8 Blood type and offspring

As per the RH factor, almost 85% of people are RH positive. If a woman is RH negative and conceives a male with a RH positive, this increases the offspring’s risk of health problems during a lifetime.

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9 Blood type and workout

Among characteristics of blood types, those with Blood type A are at greater risk of stress than others, thus they need to observe exercises that will relax them like yoga and meditation. Blood type B love challenges and would benefit from activities that balance both mind and spirit. They can benefit from tennis, mountain climbing and martial arts.

Blood type and workout

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10 Blood type and emergencies

Always carry some info about your blood type in your pocket as it could help save your life. You never know in event of an accident when you may need a blood transfusion.

Blood type and emergencies

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