12 Important Things You Need To Know About Bladder Cancer

5Further tests may be required like cystoscopy

Your doctor will only perform further tests once those issues are ruled out. These further tests include cystoscopy which is examining the interior of the bladder or taking small biopsy samples for confirming diagnosis.


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6The most common form of bladder cancer is urothelial carcinoma

The most common form of bladder cancer which is detected is urothelial carcinoma, which comprises 90% of the cases. 1 in every 3 newly diagnosed bladder cancer patients the case is usually that cancer has spread into deeper layers without leaving the bladder. It is from here onwards that cancer spreads into the lymph nodes which is then known as locally advanced, or to further areas of the body and is labeled metastasized.


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7All cancer cases are unique

Dr. Marc Matrana, M.Sc., F.A.C.P., Senior Medical Oncologist at Gayle and Tom Benson Cancer Center concluded that every cancer case is unique in its own way. However, there is still hope for even those with advanced bladder cancer, if they work closely with and completely cooperate with their healthcare team to find the best path to move along.


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8The proper treatment

Bladder cancer has a variety of treatment options. Depending on the type and stage of your individual cancer, your doctor will work along with you to determine the best treatment option. It’s still a fact that treatment options generally include surgery which involves removing part of the bladder, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation. Sometimes some treatments are done together like surgery followed by chemotherapy.


Also, it is necessary to take into account the medical history and current disease status of the patient when evaluating them for treatment, as this helps in determining the best possible treatment option for their particular type of cancer.

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