12 Important Things You Need To Know About Bladder Cancer

Every year approximately 80,000 Americans get diagnosed with bladder cancer. Out of this number, around 17,000 people lose their lives to this fatal disease. In order to diagnose bladder cancer and be able to effectively treat it before it reaches the advanced stages, here’s what you need to understand about it. Bladder cancer symptoms can be very similar to the symptoms of other conditions like bladder infection or kidney stones. However, one needs to always be cautious about these signs as it could mean that something serious is still yet to be detected.


1 Bladder Cancer is more prominent among men

In comparison to women men are more likely to be diagnosed with bladder cancer, as it is the fourth most common type cancer affecting mainly men. While doctors aren’t exactly sure of the reason, studies suggest that it may be connected to a group of hormones known as androgens which influence the growth of tumors within the bladder.

Although men are at a higher risk of contracting bladder cancer, women have a higher mortality rate with bladder cancer, as per the American Society for Clinical Oncology. This is one reason why people need to be aware of the signs and symptoms of bladder cancer.


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2What are the signs and symptoms to look out for?

The first symptom for those who are diagnosed with bladder cancer is blood being visibly present in the urine. But, this should not be confused with a urinary tract infection or menstruation. Also, blood can be present in the urine but it may not be visible to the naked eye. In this case, you should always get any blood in the urine or other symptoms such as burning or pain during urination and lower back, pelvic or abdominal pain evaluated. In doing so your doctor can then prescribe the necessary tests which you will need to take.


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3Bladder cancer detected at stage 0 gives you a 95% survival rate

David Dimick, a successful businessman, husband and father of two children, once noticed blood in his urine in 2013. It was later confirmed by his doctor that he had an aggressive form of bladder cancer for which immediate treatment was recommended. Dave was indeed shocked to receive such bad news, but he knew he needed to take action as soon as possible. The American Cancer Society states that if bladder cancer is detected at stage 0 which is its initial stage, there is 95 % five-year survival rate.


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4In case you have symptoms, here is what you should do:

When you have any such symptoms, you will have to do a series of tests as prescribed by your doctor like a urine culture test to check for any infections. For men, a digital exam will be prescribed to check for any issues with the prostate.


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