The all important reason why you should iron your underwear after washing

3 Yeast and fungal infections

Yeast and fungal infections are common bacteria that attack women mostly through infected but clean undergarments. One of the main reasons why clean underwear contains such germs is because of the moisture trapped in the fabric which then become an easy environment for germs to breed. Synthetic and silk underwear are more susceptible to becoming breeding grounds for germs because the fabric composition doesn’t allow it to breathe making it even easier to trap moisture within.

Yeast infections as women who have had them will know that although treatable and easily cured can be extremely discomforting. But what most women aren’t aware of is that despite washing your underwear regularly, it still infects you with bacteria. Moreover, such bacteria can cause fungal skin conditions on the groin and inner thighs such as dermatitis and eczema.

Yeast and fungal infections

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4 Why ironing your undergarments can keep you risk-free from germs

Washing your underwear even with the best detergent does not kill germs. It may clean your undies but the temperature or the detergent isn’t strong enough to eliminate those nasty yeast causing bacteria. The problem is that the modern lifestyle does not provide room for drying clothes in the sun, the main bacteria killer. Washing your clothes at 6 pm in a public laundry and sunning them out the next morning is not an obvious solution.


The best solution, of course, is to iron your underwear so that all moisture is removed from the clothes. Moreover, the heat will also kill the bacteria. To prevent stains setting in, you could put a light piece of fabric over the underwear while ironing them. Wearing cotton fabrics are advisable as compared to synthetic ones as they can withstand higher temperatures of heat during ironing. One such study 12 years ago in the UK found that ironing underwear was sufficient to kill germs present in the fabric.

ironing your undergarments

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