If Your Doctor Asks You to Have a Colonoscopy, This Is How You Should Respond


When preparing for a colonoscopy, doctors may ask you to prepare by skipping dinner or even breakfast before the process. You may be asked to consume two to four liters of liquid containing laxatives and electrolytes.


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9Use peppermint oil

Consult with your doctor if peppermint oil can be applied during the procedure. Research has found that Peppermint oil has been found to reducer spasms during the process.
All said and done, in spite of risks involved with a colonoscopy, doctors feel it is still the most reliable way to check for colon cancer.

Use peppermint oil

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10How to keep your colon healthy

Instead of having to decide what tube goes up your backside, be it a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy, it is better to maintain the health of your colon with these tips and live a healthy lifestyle to prevent colon or anal cancer.

Get screened regularly by choosing from colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, FOBT, or 3D virtual colonoscopy.

• Eat less red meat and avoid processed meat
• Eat foods that promote healthy elimination of toxic waste from your colon
• Keep a check on your pooping habits and consult a doctor if anything is unusual
• Avoid drinking too much alcohol
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Exercise and be physically active
• Be sure to get enough calcium and vitamin D
• Consult with your doctor for a multivitamin with folate
• Stop smoking

How to keep your colon healthy

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11Fruits and vegetables prevent colon cancer

Eating more fruits and vegetables and adding them to your diet decreases the risk of colon cancer because of vitamins and fiber. Eating red meat, pork, lamb and processed meat from fast food increases your risk of colon cancer.

Important note: It should be understood that while the title implies how you should respond to your doctor, it does not advocate you denying his advice neither does it tell you to say “No “which after all is the final judge on any recommendation. We seek to enlighten you on your options in situations which applies to your condition. If your condition does require a colonoscopy, then you should have one.

Fruits and vegetables prevent colon cancer

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