If You stop washing hair, these 9 things are bound to happen. Are they good or bad, judge for yourself!

The internet features in numerous articles favoring or condemning some physical activity or the other. While some favor the act of washing hair regularly, there are opinions which go against it. So is washing your hair a good thing or a bad thing? Would you heed the advice of some and stop washing your hair? Is it really a healthy thing to do? Cleanliness is a prerequisite of good health but to judge for yourself, read on to find out what happens when you stop washing your hair.


1 No more split ends

Washing hair tends to be rough on the cuticles. Infrequent washing of your hair means stringer cuticles and no split ends.

No more split ends

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2 Your hair won’t be oily or greasy anymore

Frequent washing of hair causes oil secretion to make up for the dryness that is caused by harsh shampoos or soap. The initial two weeks may seem tough on your hair but after a while your hair adapts to the situation and stops oil secretion. This can actually make your hair glow and shine

Your hair won’t be oily or greasy anymore

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3 You’ll have bouncy hair with more volume

Certain shampoos contain a lot of chemicals for the purpose of moisturizing. However they do more damage than good by thinning your hair. This usually happens after weeks of using such shampoos.

You’ll have bouncy hair with more volume

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4 You save on hair color

Infrequently washing hair will make your hair color last much longer. This is because shampooing your hair causes hair color to fade gradually. Hair color of course is expensive. You know what you have to do to save on it.

You save on hair color

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5 Braiding and hair styling becomes easy

Hair that has been shampooed and washed is tough to style. It becomes hard to handle as it just slips and is hard to grasp and style the way you want. Unwashed hair is much more manageable and thus styling is convenient. Braiding too becomes easy when you don’t wash your hair daily. The main reason behind this is that a bit of dirt and grime is natural pomade for dressing your hair.

Braiding and hair styling becomes easy

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6 You save on time every morning

There’s no need to wash your hair every morning before you venture out on work. Imagine the time and effort saved on such a routine, day in and day out. A complete hair wash takes a minimum of 20 minutes especially if you have long hair. This isn’t taking into account the blow drying and styling.

You save on time every morning

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7 You hair will stink

That’s the first thing that happens when you stop washing any part of your body. The dust, grime and dirt mingled with your sweat and body odor – if not washed out – will obviously smell. Ultimately it might lead to an offensive odor. The only way to keep hair from smelling or having an odor is to wash it frequently with water. You could also apply a rinse of apple cider and baking soda once a week.

You hair will stink

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8 You will feel disoriented and weird

There’s nothing better than the feel of a nice hair wash after a hard day’s work. A hot water shower really hits the spot and is extremely invigorating. Not only does it refresh you but a hot water shower is a great stress buster too. Can you really afford to miss out on washing hair as a practice every day??

You will feel disoriented and weird

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