If you have a guardian angel line on your palm, then you’re extremely special!

As humans we are generally very curious to know about the future or what the other person is thinking. In fact we also like guessing about the personality of the person we just met. Now unlike movies and TV shows, no one has the superpower to read other people’s mind, not that it is super awesome, but it is not possible.


So we only have the science and other arts that our ancestors have taught us. These have been passed on to us since centuries. One such art is the art and science of reading the lines of the palm of the hand and expert readers are able to tell more than enough even about a stranger.

A guardian angel line on the palm is considered to be extremely lucky for the person who has it, so read on to find out whether you have it and why is it considered so lucky. But first let us tell you a little about the art of palmistry.


1 Palmistry

There are ways in which a person’s individuality, the personality is linked to the different body parts of that person. One such body part that can tell a lot about a person are his/her hands. More specifically, the palms of the hands and the lines that form in the palms during infancy tell a lot about what a person is like.

The science of reading palm lines is known as palmistry and this art or science was developed by saints in ancient India. From India, the science and its accuracy were seen by travelers form all over the world and hence you also find mentions of it in the books from China, Japan and many such countries. It is a branch of astrology in India and is a very hard skill to master.


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The lines on the palms can tell specific details about the person.


2 Personalities

Everybody is unique in terms of their personalities and even twins have different personalities. And Palmistry is one way to gain information about the person or even yourself. Palmistry has been often regarded as pseudoscience and most of the western world has seen it on TV shows and movies, where it is portrayed for cinematic purposes and is used in the most wrong form possible and hence is often dismissed as superstition.

But if you know how to read the palms correctly, then you can tell things, like the way a person behaves, his likes and dislikes, ways of his thinking and decision making process and other important information.


The science of palmistry considers the guardian angel line as the most lucky and sacred one. Go on to the next page to know more about the Guardian angel line.


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3 Guardian angel line

The Guardian angel line is a line that is connected to the life line on the palm of the hand. Very few people have this line and people those who have this line on their hands are extremely lucky. Such people always seem to avoid any harm or suffering and always welcome happiness and laughter in their lives.

Mostly this line is present on the left hand and runs parallel to the life line. This line is thought to be blessed by a guardian angel that always looks after you and saves you from harm.

Guardian angel line

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4 Why is it considered lucky?

Having a guardian angel is considered extremely lucky in many cultures. Having a guardian angel means that someone somewhere is actually out there looking after you and saving you from possible harm. The religious belief is that each one of us has a guardian angel or a protector who keeps watch over us and keeps us away from harm. This angel can be any one from deceased family members, to friends to relatives or even someone who was touched by your care and helping attitude.

Why is it considered lucky?

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  • Guardian Angels keeps vigil on people when their lives become tough and dangerous and these angels save them from any harm or bad thing. The guardian angel line can occur in these following variants:
  • The short line means that any short term ills plaguing the family will be over in a short period of time.
  • If the guardian angel line is on the right hand, then it means that it rewards proper qualities and good things done in life.

But this line on the left hand means that the person got this line at birth and the angel will always keep vigil on the person and that’s why it is extremely lucky.


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