Learn how to use the Delete button in your brain to refresh it and live a stress free life

Our brain is made up of many neural networks that are used by the brain to transmit packets of information from storage area to work area. Whenever you are using your memory to remember something, the brain uses this network to transmit data. Even when you start on a new work, brain makes new connections to make stronger memories. However the brain also has a delete button to remove these memories as soon as we are done with this work and read the following article to know, how to use that button.


1 How does the delete button works?

Practice makes a man perfect and there is a reason behind this saying. Neuroscience says the more you run a neuro-circuit in your brain, the stronger that circuit becomes. Our brain has encouraged a new system of building and strengthening the neural connections in the brain, even gaining the ability to brain down old ones and building new ones. This process if called synaptic pruning and it works as a delete button for our brain to remove useless data filled in our brain. These are the connections in the brain that neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and others travel across. The Glial cells in the brain keep the signals between neurons and keep the neural network clean and working. While microglial cells remove the dead neural connections in the network and then build new ones. Click next for more information how sleep helps in this process.

How does the delete button works

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2 Why sleep is important for us?

Whenever you are getting less sleep, you start to feel that your brain has become full and you feel stressed. This usually happens when you are putting in long nights in a project or while studying. As you keep learning things, brain keeps starting building new connections, which are temporary. These connections are needed to be broken down and destroyed as brain has to make way for newer and more stable connections for important things. Sleep helps us in doing this work. While sleeping, the brain cells shrink by 60% and lets the glial cells do their work of cleaning the waste and build new synapses. This is why sometimes you feel fresh and able to think clearly, after a night of good sleep.


Even a 10-20 minute nap is sufficient enough to rebuild these pathways in the brain and lets your brain refresh itself, by hitting the delete button and removing the waste and old neural ways.

Why sleep is important for us

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3 How it makes life easy?

It helps us a lot since we can choose on what gets deleted from our brains. The synaptic connections that you don’t use most of time get marked for destruction, while the usually used connections are kept well oxygenated and hydrated. Therefore, when you keep your mind busy reading more and more about the Game of Thrones theory, rather than reading up on your study material for your upcoming finals, you are telling your brain to destroy the connections that hold information about your studies. Therefore be cautious on what you are focusing on during the day, those synaptic connections are kept stronger and hydrated. Therefore whenever you get to doing a new work, clear your mind first and then start working on the new project, letting the brain destroy the waste connections and building more stronger connections for the new network.



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