How to identify the 5 most common symptoms of Kidney stones?


Kidney stones are one of the most recurring urinary tract disorders. They are solid, crystal-like minerals that grow in the kidneys when urine becomes too concentrated as a result of less water. These kidney stones can differ in size and form and make appearance in people who are 20-40 years old.

The chief purpose of the kidneys is to strain and remove contaminants from blood and banish surplus water and waste through urine. Urine goes through each kidney and then collects into the bladder from where it comes out of the body through the urethra. When these pollutants remain in the body, they stick to each other and form a clump. These clumps go on to become a kidney stone.

Here are 5 ways to identify Kidney stone pains.

1 What are Kidney stones?

The primary function of kidneys is to strain and filter waste from the blood which is collected as urine. On some instances, the salts and other crystals present in waste in urine tend to stick to one another and it forms small crystallised stones in the kidney.

The size of these crystals and stones can be in the array of the size of a single small sugar crystal to a big table tennis ball. But most of the times, they are noticed when they start to create blockage in the urinary tract.

This blockage causes intense pain when they break loose and enter the urethra and it becomes very hard to pass urine.

What are Kidney stones?

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2 Pain in kidneys

Kidney stone causes immense pain on the affected side of the stomach, as they lodge themselves in the kidneys.

The pain from kidney stones comes in waves and gradually intensifies and then lowers on its own. Other signals can be experiencing back pains on either side and bulleting pains in the groin and genital region.

The pain is sometimes so intense that people need to seek immediate medical relief.

Pain in kidneys

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3 Renal colic

Renal Colic is a type of stomach pain that begins in the stomach and shoots down to the groin region. This renal colic pain comes and goes or sometimes remains persistent.

The reason for this is that the kidney stone is kind of just floating inside. Wherever it gets stuck, you experience intense pain and you begin sweating due to the severity of the pain. Even if you change your body positions, you don’t get any relief from the pain.

Renal colic

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4 Blood in urine

Blood in the urine is a serious problem that cannot be overlooked. Major reason for it is probable kidney stones that have reached the inside of the urethra. The stones can rub into the walls of the urethra and cause bleeding which results in red or pink colored urine.

Blood in urine

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5 Infection

Having kidney stones also makes you susceptible to urinary tract infection. The injuries caused by the movements of stones in the urethra can become infected due to negligence and can cause fever in the patient.

It also causes severe pain while urinating.


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6 Timing of pain

If you want to be sure of whether the pain you experience is due to kidney stones, notice and keep record of the pain that you experience. Mostly the pain from the kidney stones begin in the morning as one has gone a long period of time without urinating.

Hence if you experience any pain in the morning when you pee, it may be a sign of kidney stone. Seek immediate medical help.

Timing of pain

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7 Early signs of Kidney stones

Apart from the above symptoms, here are some early signs of kidney stones:

Recurrent and excruciating pain experienced during urination – This is perhaps the most easily recognisable early sign of kidney stones. You feel the frequent need to pee even if you are not in taking major amounts of fluids and the amount of urination is very low.

Nausea and vomiting – you always feel nauseous and vomiting as your kidneys are not working properly and the only way body can expel the waste is by vomiting.

Early signs of Kidney stones

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Strong smelling urine – Another early indicator of the kidney stones is strong smelling urine. The urine smells so intense thanks to all the excess chemicals and pollutants in the urine.


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