Learn How To Give an Injection If You Have Never Given One Before

Many of us acquaint ourselves with health and medicine online. We research our own diseases and try to find cures. There are several people who resort to self-medication which is not recommended but nevertheless, it is always a good thing to be aware of what influences your health. In our quest to know more about medical problems, first aid, and therapy, there is one thing which we never really bother about. That is giving an injection. We accept it by default that this is the area and right of a medical practitioner and we should not dabble in it. But, what happens when you may need to give an injection to someone in an emergency and there is no one around. So wouldn’t it be better to know how to give an injection? Read on to know how to give one.


1How to prepare to give an injection

If you have never given one before, it’s best to try or learn only when there is an emergency. Make sure you have the correct ampoule of medicine with the right volume, a disposable syringe. You will also need sanitized gloves, a sterilized plate or tray to keep items, cotton, and medical alcohol wipes. Make sure the surface of the tray is sanitized. The cotton can be soaked in alcohol or you could soak it just before you are going to give the injection.

How to prepare to give an injection

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2Step 1

Make sure the room has adequate light. You don’t want to be giving an injection in a dark room. Now wash your hands well and sanitize them. Make the patient lie down and ask them to relax. If you are going to give the injection in the buttocks, ask them to lie on their side and lean slightly forward. They should not be in any position where the muscles and limbs are contracted. Remember never to give the injection on that area of the buttocks that is the lower side. It should always be the upper one.

Wearing gloves

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3Step 2

Take the ampoule of medication. It may be cold since most injections are required to be placed in a refrigerator. If it is too cold, warm it up by rubbing between your palms but be careful and don’t break it. Now take the syringe from the packet and do not touch the needle. Open the vial and draw the solution out with the needle. Some vials have rubber tips. You can insert the needle through the rubber tip to draw out the medication without opening the bottle. This is a safer practice.

Take the ampoule of medication

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4Step 3

Once you have extracted the medicine form the bottle, you need to replace the needle since it might be blunt especially if you haven’t been able to pierce it at one go. There are medical staff who don’t replace the needle and are confident of using the same one, but since you are learning to give an injection, it is best to follow the correct procedure. Even if you accidentally touch the needle, replace it. Now press the syringe and expel a bit of the medicine from the tip of the needle to allow any air to come out. You can tap the syringe to allow any air bubbles present to rise to the top. This is necessary because if even a little bit of air exists in the injection, it can create an air bubble in the medication and that might enter the patient.

Once an air bubble enters a patient’s vein, it is called a venous air embolism. If it enters an artery, it is called an arterial air embolism. These air bubbles can travel to the heart or brain causing strokes, heart attacks or respiratory failure. However such incidents are usually rare.

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5Step four

Now imagine a cross on the buttocks of your patient. The cross has four parts. You need to place the needle in an area where there is no nerve present. The injection has to be given in the upper outer part to avoid touching the nerve. Now dip the cotton swab in alcohol, or if it has already been dipped, rub it on the area where you are going to insert the needle. Now from the center move to the periphery.

Cross on the buttocks

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