How emotions harm your body – Know the facts

Science has come up with some interesting theories and proof that negative feelings that we experience in our daily lives can have an overall detrimental effect on our own body’s organs. That is right the way you think about a problem now can seriously affect how you feel years or even months down the road. The trick is to put harmful thoughts at ease so that later on we don’t pay for that negative thinking. Such prolonged negative thinking can lead to damage to your organs which in turn can lead to some serious medical conditions. Here are some of the things negative thinking can do to your body.

1 Anger Weakens Your Liver

Over time those pent up angry feelings can have drastic negative effects on your liver. A weakened liver can leave your body prone to many conditions such as cancers, cause it not to function correctly and leave your body open to other illnesses that are affected with a weakened liver. Instead of holding something against someone try to look the other way and meditate on ways to staying calm and angry free. There are methods you can use to help with this such as Yoga, massages, and even a simple thing such as talking to a friend or coworker. Sometimes having someone hear your pent up angry feelings within reason can also help you release those pent up emotions. Another suggestion could be anger management or in some cases seeing a mental health professional such as a therapist. The point is you don’t want those angry feelings leading to other negative consequences down the road.

Anger Weakens Your Liver

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