A very effective homemade remedy to cure bronchitis using two ingredients only!!

Bronchitis is a very irritating and serious condition of lungs if it is ignored. Usually the coughing and tightness in the chest is attributed to the common cold and some antibiotics are taken in order to make it go away, but if the cough persists for days, it can very well be a sign of Bronchitis. There are expensive drugs and other options to get it treated, but this homemade recipe is something that you can try in order to cure your Bronchitis easily.

1 What is bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a disease in which the large and midsized runways to the lungs known as bronchi get inflamed. It is usually divided into two types: acute and chronic. In acute bronchitis, the coughing and wheezing usually stay for three weeks or so and is mostly caused by a viral infection. This infection happens due to the patient coming in contact with a person with this infection or the viruses are spread in the air by the person via coughing. Other risk factors of bronchitis are air pollution, smoking and dust inhalation. Chronic bronchitis happens when the coughing lasts for three months or more. People with bronchitis have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and the main reason for this is smoking of tobacco, genetics etc. the main symptoms of bronchitis are discussed in the next slide.

What is bronchitis

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