15 Home Remedies Which are Harmful For Health of Human Body

Nobody likes to visit the doctor’s clinic or a hospital and there are many people who avoid visiting a doctor even when they are ill. They try to cure themselves using home remedies but these remedies are not effective every time. Undoubtedly, there are some home remedies which are very effective and work wonders when applied properly but there are some situations when you need to see an expert and take treatment from them.


There are some home remedies and processes which have been in practice for a long time now but they are not good for human health and they hamper the health of a person instead of curing the disease. Here are some of the harmful home remedies:

1 Using mouthwash for gargling

If you have a sore throat then using mouthwash for gargling is absolutely not a good idea because mouthwash will aggravate the sore throat and it will further increase the inflammation of throat. Drinking warm liquids, talking less and taking good amount of rest is the appropriate treatment for sore throat.

Girl doing mouthwash

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2Curing head lice with harmful substances

There are many home remedies for curing head lice but some of them are really harmful such as rubbing kerosene oil, pesticides on the head. In fact some people don’t mind rubbing petrol on their head as well to get rid of head lice. These substances are very toxic and they can harm the skin very badly. Instead of these substances, olive oil and Vaseline are far better options for curing head lice. However, a visit to the doctor can also be of great help in such scenario.

Curing head lice with harmful substances

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3Curing eye stye with a needle

Eye stye is red swelling which is formed on the edge of the eyelid and it is quite painful. Usually such stye is filled with pus and some people try to cure it by puncturing it will needle, so that the pus comes out and the skin gets back to its original shape. But this is a very risky way of curing eye stye as the needle can hurt the eye or it may result in some sort of eye infection as well.

Curing eye stye with a needle

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4Using butter or oil for burn

Some people rub butter or oil on burned skin thinking that it is a good treatment but in reality it is very harmful as it keeps the heat inside and do not let it release from the burned area. Instead of this, the burned area should be cooled down using cold water and then antiseptic cream should be rubbed on the burned area and dry dressing should be done on the area.

Using butter or oil for burn

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5Using urine for eye infection

Using urine of babies for wiping their eyes in order to cure eye infection is not only unhygienic; it is disgusting and unhealthy too. Instead of visiting an eye specialist, people sometimes wash eyes of babies with urine thinking that it will cure the eye infection but in reality, it further increases the infection.

Using urine for eye infection

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