These home remedies will help you fight headache and migraine

There is nothing worse than a pounding migraine or headache when you have tons of work to do. We all have been in that situation unfortunately. In fact millions of folks suffer from headaches and migraines on an almost daily basis. With constant pressure and stress from work and life in general more and more people are dependent upon medications and doctors to relieve themselves from these dreadful pains. Today we are going to share the top items that you probably have right in your home that you can use and bring yourself instant relief and without the need for medications or doctors. Check out this list and start feeling better today.

1 Lavender Oil

There is nothing more sweet smelling than lavender oil. But did you know that lavender oil has some potent effects on relieving migraines and headaches. That is right folks. Just apply two to four drops of lavender oil for every two to three cups of boiling water that you are inhaling. Not only does lavender oil help with headaches it also has a soothing effect on your overall aura. Try lavender oil and start feeling at peace and pain free.

Lavender Oil

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