These home remedies will help you fight headache and migraine


There is nothing worse than a pounding migraine or headache when you have tons of work to do. We all have been in that situation unfortunately. In fact millions of folks suffer from headaches and migraines on an almost daily basis. With constant pressure and stress from work and life in general more and more people are dependent upon medications and doctors to relieve themselves from these dreadful pains. Today we are going to share the top items that you probably have right in your home that you can use and bring yourself instant relief and without the need for medications or doctors. Check out this list and start feeling better today.

1 Lavender Oil

There is nothing more sweet smelling than lavender oil. But did you know that lavender oil has some potent effects on relieving migraines and headaches. That is right folks. Just apply two to four drops of lavender oil for every two to three cups of boiling water that you are inhaling. Not only does lavender oil help with headaches it also has a soothing effect on your overall aura. Try lavender oil and start feeling at peace and pain free.

Lavender Oil

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2 Peppermint Oil

Next time you are suffering from a massive tension headache try inhaling a little peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is known for increasing blood flow. The number one reason for most tension headaches is poor blood flow. Inhaling just a little bit of pepper mint oil will help open those constricted vessels and give you instant relief. Additionally it also helps clear up your sinuses another contributor to tension headaches.

Peppermint Oil

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3 Basil Oils

Not only is basil leaves delicious on your favorite pastas and pizza but it is also a terrific home remedy for migraines and headaches. In fact the oils that are secreted form this delicious herb is well known as a muscle relaxer. If you have a tension headache and tight muscles try inhaling some basil oil and feel better instantly.

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4 Diet Change

A simple change in your diet can also help relief the frequency of migraines and headaches. In fact certain foods have been proven to contribute to tension headaches and migraines. Some of these include dairy, chocolate, peanut butter certain fruits such as avocados, bananas, citrus and even onions to name a few. If you find any of these are in your diet you might want to try cutting back to see if this relieves the amount of headaches you are getting.

Diet Change

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5 Massaging your Scalp

One of the easiest ways you can relieve tension and migraine headaches is massaging your scalp in the back of your head at the base. Researchers in Brazil have found that massaging this area greatly relieves migraine pain. Massaging has been proven to be an overall helpful method in relieving migraine and headache pain. Some other areas you might want to try are your reflex points on your hands and feet.

Massaging your Scalp

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6 Feverfew

A popular herbal home remedy for migraines Feverfew seen a spike in its usefulness when a study done by British scientists in the 80s found that 70 percent of its participants had less migraine headaches after taking the herb daily. There have been more studies since this historical breakthrough that have also proven the herbs benefits in treating and preventing migraine headaches.


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7 Flaxseed

Flaxseed has many nutritional benefits but it also has been proven to aid in the treatment of migraines and headaches as well. Flaxseed’s rich Omega 3 components are a major benefit to headache sufferers. Omega 3 which is also known as an anti inflammatory will help give head ache sufferers instant relief.


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8 Buckwheat

Buckwheat has a secret flavonoid known as rutin that has been proven to fight headaches head on. Rutin has antioxidant components which go to work on relieving damage to the cells. Additionally researchers in Taiwan have documented proof of the benefits of Buckwheat due to its anti-inflammatory properties one of the biggest triggers in head aches and migraines.


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