The best kind of home remedies for sunburn

Summer is approaching really fast and ladies are trying to wriggle into their rooms to prevent the scorching rays of the hot summer sun. There are people who use suntan lotions, umbrellas, scarves; then there are people who use sunglasses before venturing out of their houses. Though sun can really give a great amount of Vitamin D, there are times when the sun can really be an irritation to your skin. The sun can really burn your skin badly. Here we are about to give you some of the best skin care home remedies that would help you to heal the worst sunburns of the skin. Here are some herbal recipes that can help you stay protected this summer season.

1 The mixture of lavender oil and peppermint

The mixture of lavender oil and peppermint juice can really be a very effective home remedy for sunburn. This is the way in which the mixture can be made. Mix 20 drops of lavender oil and 20 drops of peppermint oil and then add around 2 ounces of water to the mixture. Dab the thick mixture to the sunburnt area and wait for some time. This mixture can also be used with aloe Vera oil or a body gel to create into a thick paste and used as a body lotion. Peppermint and Lavender both are known to have really soothing effects on the skin. They are known to be anti-inflammatory as well as analgesic.

The mixture of lavender oil and peppermint

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