7 Hidden Reasons Why You Cannot Reduce Your Belly Fat

One can stand to gain a lot of health benefits in addition to getting a great figure by reducing their abdominal fat.  In fact, being excessively fat in the abdominal area can cause you to develop serious diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure and even diabetes. But, getting rid of belly fat is not so easy. However, even after putting a lot of effort into losing that stubborn belly fat, it still doesn’t reduce, then it could be due to some underlying causes that you are not probably aware of. Here are some reasons as to why your belly fat is not reducing no matter what you do to get rid of it:


1You are not aware of the type of belly fat you have

Choosing the wrong weight loss method for your stomach, could be one of the reasons why you aren’t able to reduce your belly fat. Firstly, you need to find out which type of belly fat you have as there are five types of abdominal obesity which are each caused by different reasons.

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Choose a proper exercise and diet plan consistent with your body needs

Each of these types of body fat requires specific types of exercises and certain diets to reduce them. Plan, your weight loss program and diet according to your belly fat type. You will get much better results.

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2You have a weight obsession

Stop weighing yourself every time you see a scale since getting obsessed with your body weight isn’t going to help you get rid of the fat and in turn might just end up slowing down the weight loss process. Try avoiding such a habit because every time the figure that appears on the scales is different from what you expected, you end up judging yourself. This only demotivates you and can even cause you to be too hard on yourself.

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Weighing yourself too often can be demotivating

You may start developing negative thoughts as a result and end up spoiling your mood. You might even resort to stress-eating or even completely give up on your pursuit to lose weight. Hence, weigh yourself only once week to use the numbers as information rather than a judgment.

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