15 Very Helpful Tips for Newborn Babies That New Moms Wish They’d Learned Earlier

11Your baby’s skin sensitivity is something you need to be aware about

Always be cautious about applying lotions on your baby since babies are known to have dry and very sensitive skin after birth. As such applying any kind of lotion or oil too soon could cause allergic reactions. To be able to make a habit of applying oil or lotion to your baby, first test it on a small part of the baby’ body to be sure that there isn’t any reaction from the skin.


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12It is important that you maintain your baby’s oral and dental health at every age

You shouldn’t neglect your baby’s oral health even though they might not have teeth. Wipe down their gums with wet gauze or something. You also need to make sure that your baby is getting enough fluoride. In case fluoride-rich water is not available, ask your dentist to recommend a fluoride supplement to prevent cavities from appearing once teeth erupt.


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13While your baby is still awake put them to bed

Don’t go out of your to tire your baby so that they fall asleep without much coaxing. This way you will only end up making more work for yourself. Get them conditioned to a bedtime routine by putting them to bed while they are still awake but quite sleepy. In doing so, your baby will learn to fall asleep on their own independently.


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14In case of nightly changes, layer your baby’s crib

It can be a huge hassle trying to fix the situation of having to change your baby’s diapers in the middle of the night. Using waterproof mattress covers and sheets to layer your baby’s crib will surely help in making the cleanup process simpler than having to completely unmake the entire crib.


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15When it comes to babies you need to understand that they are all kinds of beautiful

Upon seeing your newborn, your baby won’t end up looking exactly the way you envisioned them to look. It is often the case that they are covered in fine hair called lanugo. They may rarely ever open their eyes and their face may seem puffy. Sometimes it so happens that some babies can have no eyebrows or eyelashes when they are born. However, this is completely normal and usually temporary. Although, if it wasn’t, just remember that every baby is beautiful in their own right since they can already look extremely cute even with the short, bald and chubby look.


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