Health Warning! – Excess of sitting and sleeping is as dangerous as smoking and drinking!

Very often we are told that sleep is the best cure. Whenever you feel tired or a little unwell, sleeping for sometime can really make you feel good and relaxed. However, a new study has proved something that has come off as a shocking revelation for many of us. If you are sleeping for more than 9 hours in a day and sit for long periods of time during the day and are not too much physically active then you are as much in danger as those who are addicted to smoking and drinking. People who live such a sedentary life are four times likely to die early- as warned by experts.

Actress Mae West once remarked, “Too much of a good thing is wonderful!” However, in reality, majority of the decadent pleasures that we pursue including the rich foods and even sleeping are actually not good for us especially when foods are consumed in larger quantities and sleeping is done for longer durations.

1 Too much sleeping and sitting has a negative impact on your health

Over the past few years there has been mounting evidence that sitting for too long is bad for health. Also, previous studies have indicated that sleep can have a negative impact on health. A recent study conducted in the University of Sydney is the first one of its kind that has looked at the impact of both sleeping and sitting in combination.

Dr Melody Ding who is the study author and senior research fellow at the University of Sydney has said that when a lack of exercise and physical activity is mixed with a lifestyle of excess sleeping and sitting hours then what you get is a “triple whammy effect”.

Too much sleeping and sitting has a negative impact on your health

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