10 Health Tricks to Energize You Instantly When You Feel Exhausted

The thing about exhaustion is that it can creep up at the most inopportune moments such as when you’re at the office or at a shopping mall, or even while spending time with your kid. Stress and lack of exercise are some common factors that make us experience fatigue, but a poor working environment coupled with a poor diet can also be the cause of it. However, there are many proven methods to help you feel refreshed and full of energy once again, without having to rely on either 10 cups of coffee or having to sleep for 10 hours. Try out these 10 energy-boosting tricks that will help you power through whatever you’re doing without feeling exhausted at all.


1 Take a power-nap for 20 minutes

According to sleep researchers, the right amount of time for a nap is about 20 minutes as this will make you fully alert and ready to do anything once you wake up after the nap. Your body and mind gain a complete restoration from a deeper and longer sleep at night. However, a 20-minute power-nap during the day will boost your energy that will help you to continue working.

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To make the most of your power-nap follow these few tips

  • Find a cool, dark and solitary place to take your nap.
  • Wear a sleep mask to block any light.
  • Take a nap an hour or 2 after lunch.
  • After getting up refresh yourself with a splash of water or a short walk.

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2Sit straight and upright

Some studies have shown that by being seated in an upright position increases the oxygen level in our blood which prevents us from getting fatigued easily. Similar, studies conducted on this subject have demonstrated that people who sit up straight experience less negative emotions and generally tend to be in a better mood in comparison to those who sit in slumped posture. Plus, doing some light stretching at your desk can really help in improving blood circulation and boosting energy levels.


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3Have a good laugh

There are many health benefits attached to the action of laughing. Some of these include getting more energetic and becoming more alert. While laughing we inhale oxygen-rich air, which helps in stimulating our heart and muscles thereby increasing the endorphin, levels in the blood. In a sense, we get a surge of energy from laughing. So if you’re ever feeling low on energy but you need to continue with whatever you are doing at the moment, simply take a short break to watch or read something funny that will make you have a good laugh.


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