10 Brilliant Health Tricks That Can Simplify Your Life and Make it Easier

Among the many health-hacks that we have come to know of, there are still many that are relatively unknown and can seem counter-intuitive. For example, did you know that if you drink a cup of coffee before taking a power nap, your power nap will be more effective?


So, some life-hacks might seem counterintuitive but that doesn’t make them any less effective. Check out some of the less-known yet terrific health tricks that will surely make your life simpler and more wonderful.

However, this can be averted if you keep just one eye open. This will minimize the amount of light that enters your retina and sends wrong signals to your brain. So, once you complete your business in the toilet, you will be able to fall asleep once again with no problems whatsoever.


1Stop yourself from hiccupping by frightening yourself

Hiccups always come on in bouts, and you never know when they will ever stop. In most cases they do eventually stop after a few minutes. But, if you want to stop them as soon as possible then ask someone to scare you or surprise you.

In doing so, this mere action causes the heart to begin beating faster which increases the blood circulation. This also diverts your attention away from the hiccups.

How Stop yourself from hiccupping

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2Pull on your ears to get a range of health benefits

You may have not known this but there is a range of benefits you gain from simply pulling on your ears. According to reflexology, there are multiple pressure points all across our ears which can help in alleviating many health problems such as improving digesting and easing headaches.


If you want to try easing minor pains, then press and pull on the following on your ears since these correspond to different areas of the body- joints, digestion, various organs, back and shoulders, head and heart, and nasal sinuses and throat.

Ear points according to reflexology

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3Rolling your head can ease limb pain

A lot of us have experienced a kind of “pins and needle” sensation in our arms when we wake up in the middle of the night. When we sleep we tend to roll over and accidentally sleep on our arms or our hands. This obstructs the normal blood flow leading to a decrease in the amount of oxygen being received by that part of the body.

Rolling your head can ease limb pain

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Instead of trying to wake your arms up by shaking them, you can relive them by moving your head from side to side. This actually helps in decreasing the pain since the nerves in your neck go straight down from head to your arms.


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