13 Health Tips You Need to Stop Following for Your Own Good

5Don’t treat vitamin C as a cure for a cold

Harvard Medical School has stated that it is only “marginally beneficial” to take vitamin C when having a cold. It is true that 200 mg of vitamin C a day can reduce the duration of your cold by around 8%. However, it still isn’t a cure and it won’t exactly reduce the risk of catching a cold again regardless of whether you take it daily.

Vitamin C Tablets

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6Don’t feed a cold or starve a fever

This phrase is a folk remedy of the past with no scientific basis whatsoever. Your body responds to infections by running a fever. In order to help your body recover, you will need more nutrients, fluids and plenty of rest. This is the same for when you have coronavirus. When you are running a temperature, eat your usual healthy meals but never fast because you will only get weaker and your body will not be able to fight the infection for long.

Feed a cold or starve a fever

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7Don’t take a multivitamin every day

People make their kids take multivitamins from a young age because they believe it’s necessary to keep them in good health. But there is no formal evidence to back up this theory. Researchers from Johns Hopkins evaluated studies which involved nearly half a million people and concluded that multivitamins don’t exactly lower the risk of developing heart diseases, cognitive decline, cancer, or early deaths. It’s better to get your vitamins and other nutrients from healthy foods.

Multivitamin Capsules

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8Don’t measure your calories to keep yourself slim

People used to strictly follow this golden rule concerning weight loss and some still do follow it, but experts today advise you to concentrate on whole foods instead. You would be better off excluding processed foods and added sugar from your diet and replace it with lean protein and healthy fats. This is a much better way to stay fit and slim without having to count your calories or feel deprived of food.

Measure your calories

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9Don’t go detoxing yourself based on what the internet says

There are many products like drinks, supplements, diets, etc. all over the internet that tell you that they can detoxify your system. But the truth is they don’t really do anything for your body, besides taste weird or good. Your body has its own functional detox system- your liver and kidneys. These organs do a great job and if you really want to assist them, then adopt a healthy diet, exercise regularly and avoid harmful substances like tobacco and alcohol.

Detox Water

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